What is the function of bracing?

Updated: 9/17/2019
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Though uncomfortable and often painful, braces serve the purpose of straightening teeth. This process is done by a person called an orthodontist. The orthodontist specializes in everything involving braces and retainers. Most people who have braces are only subjected to them for a couple years. Head gear and rubber bands are couple of mechanisms that are used to speed up the braces process. Depending on how crooked a person's teeth are, braces can be on anywhere from one year to four years. The best way to reduce that time is to follow the orthodontist's instructions on how to maintain braces. A simple way to keep teeth healthy and happy is simply to brush and floss often. If you do this, your experience with having a metal mouth will most likely be no big deal!

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Q: What is the function of bracing?
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