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Q: What is the function of the lower jawbone?
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Is the maxilla the lower jawbone?

No. It is the upper jawbone. The lower jawbone is the mandible.

Where on the body is the mandible?

lower jawbone

The sientific name for the lower jawbone?

The lower jaw is the Mandindible

What muscle raises the lower jawbone?

The masseter

What is jawline?

The part of your jawbone on the lower edge of face.

Why does a camel have only ONE row of teeth?

No lower jawbone

What is the function of the jawborne?

The jawbone is primarily used to grasp and chew food.

What are physical changes in a male during puberty?

Some boys jawbone get lower

Bone that holds lower teeth?

jawbone your welcome kids with flag homework

Where is the manciple in the skeletal system and what is it's function?

The Mandible* is the jawbone and its purpose is to grind and chew food

What is the scientific word for jawbone?

Mandible is the scientific name for lower portion (the movable portion) of the jaw.

What is the mandibles?

Mandibles are used to crush food.