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1 + 2 + 4 + ... + 2n = 2n+1 - 1

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Q: What is the general formula for the sum of 1 plus 2 equals 4 equals plus 2 to the power of n?
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What is the value of c in the formula square root 2a to the second power plus b to the second power if a is 4 and b to equals 5?


Equals D14 plus E14 plus F14 is an example of a?


If 2 plus 3 equals 10and 7 plus 2 equals 63and 6 plus 5 equals 66and 8 plus 4 equals 96 then 9 plus 7 equals?

144 Formula: c= (a2)+(ab)

Glucose plus oxygen plus water equals carbon dioxide plus water is the formula for?

It is for resperation

What are the first four steps in the derivation of the quadratic formula of ax2 plus bx plus c equals 0?

The first step is to show an example of the quadratic equation in question because the formula given is only the general form of a quadratic equation.

What is the summary equation for alcoholic fermentation?

The summary equation is the formula equation. Sugar equals alcohol plus carbon dioxide. The formula is C6H12O6 which equals 2 CH3CH2OH plus 2 CO2.

Is plus a symbol for a mathematical operation in Excel?

Yes. You can use plus in a formula. A plus can even be used to start a formula, although Excel will automatically insert an equals sign in before the formula after you enter it.

Given the formula times equals 2a b plus 7find times if a equals 3and b equals 5?


What does zero power of 2 plus the zero power of 5 equals?


What is 2 to the 2 power plus 3 to the 4 power equals?


What is the formula for oxidative respiration?

Glucose plus oxygen equals carbon dioxide and water plus energy

In excel if the formula equals A1 plus B1 what is the operator?

For =A1+B1, the operator is the plus sign (+).

V plus f equals e plus 2?

Yes. This Formula is known as Euler's Thereom.

Is the formula lizard plus h equals 7 the formula for time travel?

Of course not! Nobody has found the formula for time travel.

What does 2x2 plus 5x plus 2 equals?

15,000 to the third power that equals pi plus 12 would make it the square root of 7

Is this formula combination or decompositon Fe plus O2 equals Fe2O3?


What is the algebraic formula for a2 plus b2 equals c2?

You just typed it.

What is the chemical formula for a pizza?

Hydrogen plus yeast equals air bubbles?

What is Co2 plus H2O equals hco3 plus h plus plus caco3 plus h2co3 equals ca2 plus plus 2hco3?

This is how all caves are formed the only cave that does not use this formula is the granite caves sometimes found in the USA

Which type of chemical reaction is the general formula AB plus CD plus AD plus BC?

There are six basic types of chemical reactions. For the general formula AB + CD creates AD + BC, it is a double displacement reaction.

Correct formula in singe stroke 5 plus 5 plus 5 equals 550?

Put a diagonal line through the equals sign to make it "does not equal".

Formula for balanced force?

the formula for balanced forces is M times G plus F equals balanced forces

What professions use the formula f plus v minus e equals 2 or euler's formula?

Topologists, primarily.

X2 - 3 equals -3x2 plus 8x?

In general, no.

What is the significance of this equation ax2 plus bx plus c equals 0?

It is the general form of a quadratic equation.