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It is different for every web site. It varies widely. -DJ Craig

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Q: What is the idle time of session?
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What is the main function of the session layer?

The Session layer handles the exchange of information to initiate dialogs, keep them active, and to restart sessions that are disrupted or idle for a long period of time.

What does special session mean?

A "special" session is a session of a body that is convened at any time other than that which is scheduled.

What is CPU idle time?

Time when your CPU(Central Processing Unit) is idle(not being used by any program).

What is meant by a session and how much time is this?

A session is just a period of any time where some thing (usually sports) takes place

What would you call a session when the president calls congress to meet outside its usual time?

Such would be a special session or perhaps a called session of Congress.

What is idle time on AIM?

idle means when Ur not using the computer or moving your mouse

How should idle time wages be treated in cost accounts?

idle wage components

What does idle status mean?

Idle status means that your not spending time using the program.

What do you mean by session?

Session is a word that describes a meeting or a period of time devoted to something specific. A session can also be used to describe a company conducting business.

What is idle time and what are its causes?

Generally idle time means that time for which the employer pays, but from which he obtains no production. Otherwise it is the difference between the time for which workers are paid but the workers do not work. So it is a loss to the organisation. It can be minimized but, cannot be controlled during idle time, the workers remain due and contribute nothing towards production. It is the difference between actual hour and actual hour worked. There are two types of idle times:Normal idle time: The normal idle time is that idle time which cannot be fully avoided but effective effort should be made to reduce it.Abnormal idle time: Abnormal idle time arises due to various causes which can be avoided. Abnormal idle time can be avoided if proper precautions are taken. Thus the factors which are responsible for controlling and avoiding idle time must be taken care of.Normal idle time is permitted but abnormal idle time should be avoided.ANSWER:Idle time indicates that time for which wages are paid to the workers but no production is obtained during that time. Following are the causes of idle time:- Due to machine break down- Power failures- Waiting for instructions- Waiting for tools or raw materials to start the production- Economic Causes includes: Seasonal, cyclical or industrial naturethis is unproductive time spent by employees due to factors beyond their controlThe above explanation is true as far as an industry or business centre is concerned.The true definition of idle time is the time utilized for non productive action. This has of two effects. One is useful effect, as certain engines/machines/equipments are advised to run a particular time idle immediately after its first start of a day, before putting in to full pludged utilization. To attain certain safe operating condition an idle time running is essential. The second is counter productive idle time which financially, ethically, functionally and ideologically negative to its envisaged scope.

What do you call the time that Congress meets?

A Session

What is a period of time in which congress is not in session?


The President can call a session of Congress at which time both the House and Senate meet together what is this called?

joint session

What is a concurrent session?

Concurrent session (or sentence) means 2 different sessions (or sentences) that will run at the exact same time.

What is the difference between a joint session and a special session of Congress?

joint-session is held when is not passed by the both the houses of parliament special sessions are held at the time of emergency

What do you call the period of time when Congress meets?

A session

At what time of day does congress meet when in session?


This term refers to the length of a training session?


What is a name for a bowling session?

'Session' is the best term to describe the time spent bowling. It can also be called a practice or a practice session. Practice with a purpose is called training, or a training session; if a teacher or tutor is involved, it's a bowling lesson. A tournament session is known as a squad, and a league session is often just called 'league' (as in, "Do you have league tomorrow?").

Every time I try to restart my on demand I get a messages saying the session timed out I restarted the session once but don't know how I did it so how do you restart a Comcast Video on Demand session?

call Comcast

Difference between the session and cookie?

While providing much of the same functionality, a session variable will be deleted at the end of the users session, or visit to your page. A cookie will not expire until the time indicated when it was created. I believe session variables are considered more secure.

How do you identify the idle time variance?

Idle time variance is a difference between budgeted hour for work and actual worked hours multiplied by the standard wage rate.

What is a parliamentary sitting?

A sitting is a period of time where the parliament is in session.

How much time should you spend in a brainstorming session?

no limit

What does loafing mean?

to pass time at leisure, be idle