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the basics of construction is the back bine of geometry. you half to know how to do it. it is really important.

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Q: What is the importance of knowing the basics of construction in geometry?
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What are the three basics term in geometry?

point line and composition

What is the importance of O level?

the basics higher education

What is important of geometry?

Geometry is like a block from Algebra 1 to Algebra 2 and it contributes by teaching you the basics of the things you will learn in Algebra 2.

An outstanding mathematician who wrote the book of elements of geometry which basis for modern geometry?

Euclid compiled the book 'Elements' which has been used to teach the basics of geometry for more than 2,000 years.

Where can you find the Mcdougal Littell geometry textbook online?

They have it at but you'll probably need an access code from your teacher to get to the online book. Geometry is the study of sizes, shapes and figures. Concepts of triangles, circle, squares and so on are included in geometry basics. For further knowledge you can also go for online geometry help and gain a learning from online.

What is contribution of Euclid in geometry?

His major contributions are in geometry and in his book The Elements. He gave many rules of geometry which are also used nowadays. Books of Euclid provide a base of geometry. Euclid's ideas and theories are still considered as basics of mathematics. His most famous work was Metric. Another contribution of Euclid was that he gave the practical ideas in Mathematics.

What would you suggest for successful completion of this ged program?

Take all the classes and study and do the work. you need basics liek geometry to pass the test.

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