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Q: What is the insect order that is identition by a straight line down its adomen?
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What insect order is identified by a straight line down its abdomen?

v or x

What is the insect order that is identified by a straight line down it's abdomen?


What is an insect order for a butterfly?

An insect order for a butterfly is Lepidoptera.

Is hymenoptera an insect?

No, its an insect order

In what insect order is a grasshopper?

i believe that they are of the Orthoptera order

What are the requirements to be an insect?

They have to have the following in order to be an insect: exoskeleton head thorax legs abdomen

What insect order means living for a day?

The Order of the Spider.

What do you mean key?

Key is the device used in the identification of insect specimen. For example keys to the insect order is used to identify the insect order. Keys to the families are used to know the family of insects.

What is the grasshoppers insect order name?


What order are insect eating animals in?


What is a zorapteran?

A zorapteran is an insect of the order Zoraptera.

What is the second largest insect order?

The second largest insect order is Lepidoptera(moths and butterflies).