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It is the upper quartile minus the lower quartile.

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Q: What is the interquartile range equal to?
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Related questions

What is the interquartile range a measure of?

The interquartile range is well known as a measure of statistical dispersion. It is equal to difference between upper and lower quartiles. The quartiles is a type of quantile.

What is the interquartile range of 16171922232527363840404546?

what is the interquartile range of 16,17,19,22,23,25,27,36,38,40,40,45,46

Why is the interquartile range a more appropriate measure for spread than the range?

the interquartile range is not sensitive to outliers.

Does a box plot represent an interquartile range?

If presents you with the upper and lower quartile range, although you have to do calculations in order to find the interquartile range, so no, it does not,

What is considered measures of variabilty is it mean interquartile range or mean absolute deviation?

interquartile range or mean absolute deviation.

What is the meaing of interquartile range in math?

The interquartile range of a set of data is the difference between the upper quartile and lower quartile.

What does interquartile range mean?

The interquartile range is the upper quartile (75th percentile) minus (-) the lower percentile (75th percentile). The interquartile range uses 50% of the data. It is a measure of the "central tendency" just like the standard deviation. A small interquartile range means that most of the values lie close to each other.

What is unaffected by outliers?

interquartile range

Does an outlier have a greater effect on the standard deviation or interquartile range?

On the standard deviation. It has no effect on the IQR.

What includes the range and the interquartile range?

Both are measures of spread or dispersion.

Is it possible for interquartile range to be zero?

Yes, it is.

What is interquartile range?

An interquartile range is a measurement of dispersion about the mean. The lower the IQR, the more the data is bunched up around the mean. It's calculated by subtracting Q1 from Q3.

The interquartile range is used as a measure of variability to overcome what difficulty of the range?

the range influences the extreme

What is the IQ range?

If you are talking about statisitics, in a box and whisker graph it is the interquartile range.

What is the range between the upper quartile and lower quartile called?

The interquartile range :)

What is the difference between the range and the interquartile range?

Range = maximum - minimum Interquartile range = Value of 75th percentile - value of 25th percentile. The 75th percentile is the value such that 25% of the observations are bigger and 75% are smaller.

What is the semi interquartile range?

The semi interquartile range is a measure for spread or dispersion. To find it you have to subtract the first quartile from Q3 and divide that by 2, (Q3 - Q1)/2

How do you find the interquartile range in a set of data?

how do you find the interquartile range of this data

Can interquartile range be zero?

It can if the middle 50% all have the same score

What is best Interquartile range or Median absolute deviation?

The answer depends on the purpose. The interquartile range and the median absolute deviation are both measures of spread. The IQR is quick and easy to find whereas the MAD is not.

What does the distance between the quartiles tell you?

It gives you the interquartile range

Why is Interquartile range important?

It is important in any statistic measure

What is a real life situation when you will use interquartile range?


Data that is more than 1.5 times the interquartile range from the quartiles?


Why do you multiply the interquartile range by 1.5 to find the outlier?

By definition a quarter of the observations are below the lower quartile and a quarter are above the upper quartile. In all, therefore, half the observations lie outside the interquartile range. Many of these will be more than the inter-quartile range (IQR) away from the median (or mean) and they cannot all be outliers. So you take a larger multiple (1.5 times) of the interquartile range as the boudary for outliers.