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the IQR is the third quartile minus the first quartile.

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Q: What is the interquartile range of a number?
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What is the interquartile range of 16171922232527363840404546?

what is the interquartile range of 16,17,19,22,23,25,27,36,38,40,40,45,46

Why is the interquartile range a more appropriate measure for spread than the range?

the interquartile range is not sensitive to outliers.

What is unaffected by outliers?

interquartile range

What is considered measures of variabilty is it mean interquartile range or mean absolute deviation?

interquartile range or mean absolute deviation.

What is the meaing of interquartile range in math?

The interquartile range of a set of data is the difference between the upper quartile and lower quartile.

Does a box plot represent an interquartile range?

If presents you with the upper and lower quartile range, although you have to do calculations in order to find the interquartile range, so no, it does not,

What does interquartile range mean?

The interquartile range is the upper quartile (75th percentile) minus (-) the lower percentile (75th percentile). The interquartile range uses 50% of the data. It is a measure of the "central tendency" just like the standard deviation. A small interquartile range means that most of the values lie close to each other.

Is it possible for interquartile range to be zero?

Yes, it is.

What includes the range and the interquartile range?

Both are measures of spread or dispersion.

How do you find the interquartile range in a set of data?

how do you find the interquartile range of this data

Does an outlier have a greater effect on the standard deviation or interquartile range?

On the standard deviation. It has no effect on the IQR.

What is the name for the difference for the difference between the third quartile and first quartile in a five- number summary?

Interquartile range.

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