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+180 degrees.

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Q: What is the largest number of degrees of longitude?
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What are the largest latitude and longitude readings possible?

Latitude 90° North and South and longitude 180° East and West

What city is located at 44 degrees north latitude 281 degrees east longitude?

That's hard to say, since the largest possible longitude, east or west, is 180 degrees.

What number in degrees measures the prime meridian?

Zero degrees longitude

What is Kenya's latitude and longitude?

Kenya is the capital and largest city in Nairobi, Africa. Kenya's latitude and Longitude are 1. 2667 degrees South and 36,8000 degrees East.

What is the latitude and longitude of colonial Manchester?

The latitude and longitude of colonial Manchester is about 43 degrees North and 71.5 degrees West. Today, Manchester is the largest city in New Hampshire.

Which city is closest to 30 degrees east longitude in Egypt?

Alexandria, the second largest city in Egypt, with its longitude of 29°55′E.

Which island is located at 58 degrees north latitude and 18 degrees east longitude?

Gotland, the largest island in the Baltic Sea.

What state capital is located on 158° west longitude?

The largest community, Honolulu, is the state capital. The image is located at 21.5 degrees north latitude and 158 degrees west longitude.

What is the error for 55 degrees east latitude and 32 degrees south longitude?

One obvious error is the fact that any "east" number is a longitude, and any "south" number is a latitude.

What is the largest number of longitude?

Longitude has a minimum of -180 (west of the prime meridian) and a maximum of 180 (east of the prime meridian). -180 and 180 are the same line, approached from opposite directions. 0 degrees of longitude runs through London, England and is called the "prime meridian."

What is longitude on a map?

Longitude is the number of degrees east or west along a line of latitude from the prime meridian.

What is the difference between 135 degrees longitude and 60 degrees longitude?

75 degrees longitude.