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One note ($5)

One quarter (25c)

One nickel (5c)

Three cents

Making a total of 1 note and 5 coins.

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Q: What is the least number of coins and bills you can receive out of 5.33 dollars?
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How can you make 25.45 using the least number of bills and coins?

How can you make $25.45 using the least number of bills and coins?

What is the name of Canadian currency?

Our currency is Dollars (bills) and Cents (coins)

How do you make 23 dollars with 5 bills and 3 coins?

One way to make 23 dollars with 5 bills and 3 coins is as follows: * 4 $5 bills * 1 $1 bill * 1 $1 coin (there are many $1 coins to choose from in the US) * 2 $0.50 coins (there is only one type of half-dollar coin in the US) 4 * $5 + 1 * $1 + 1 * $1 + 2 * $0.50 = $23 4 bills + 1 bill = 5 bills 1 coin + 2 coins = 3 coins

Us dollars from 2001 can you still use them?

??? The US has NEVER formally removed any coins or bills from circulation except those backed by gold. You should be able to find oceans of pre-2001 coins in circulation, and a significant number of bills as well.

What is the FEWEST number of bills and coins you can use to make 17.35?


How much is 400 dollars in pounds?

in coins its 80 pounds and in bills its not even a pound 15mg (miligrams)

Is a euro a bill or coin?

"Euro's" are the currency, like dollars. The have bills and coins, it is simply the name of the currency.

Can 72 coins go into an even number of dollars?

72 quarters is 18 dollars.

Presidents on coin money?

yes they are on the penny and alot of other coins. also dollars bills woot woot

Find two equivalent sets for 4.45 using coins and bills?

4 dollars 4 dimes and a nickel

What are the names of Canada's money?

Our paper money has always been called bills or dollars. The one and two dollar bills have been replaced by coins. The one dollar coin became known as the loonie as the coin is engraved with a loon. When the two dollars coins were circulated they became known as the toonie.

A change machine changes dollar bills into quarters and nickels If you receive 12 coins after inserting a dollar bill how many quarters did you receive?

2 quarters.

What is a Australian currency?

They use the Australian Dollar in Australia. They have coins for 5, 10, 20, 50 cents and also 1 and 2 dollar coins. Then of course they have the bills like US dollars for 5, 20, 50 and 100 dollars.

How much does 32000 dollars weigh?

It depends on whether if it's in coins or bills. $1 bills weigh 1 gm each so 32000 of them would weigh 32 kg. Modern $1 coins weigh 8.1 gm, so that would be 259.2 kg.

Does Canada have dollar bills?

No. Canada has dollar coins instead of bills.

What material are dollars made out of?

Paper bills are made of cotton and linen fibers Dollar coins are made of manganese brass bonded to a copper core.

How many 10 dollar bills can the US Mint print at a cost of ten dollars?

Trick question: the answer is none, because the US Mint doesn't print $10 bills. The US Mint makes coins.

How do you make 20 dollars with 5 bills and 3 coins?

10 + 5 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 0.50 + 0.25 + 0.25 Yes, there are $2 bills. They're kind of rare but you can still sometimes get them from a bank.

What do you call the coins in US dollars?


Does America use dollars or euros?

America uses dollars , 1. 5. 10. 20. 50. 100. Thawed are all of the bills plus the coins .01 .05 .10 .25 .50

What is the fewest number of bills and coins the make 11.50?

Three. 1x $10, 1x $1 and 1x 50c

What is a toonie?

Unlike Americans, Canadians carry coins for our -2 dollars (Toonie) -1 dollar (Loonie) -25 cents (Quarter) These are all coins. In other words, I have no clue is you guys have -Dimes (10 cents) -Nickle (5 cents) Our bills, well only diff is, Our bills are the colors red, blue, green, and brown. And We don't have one dollar bills or two dollar bills. I hope I helped. :)

What is Germany's current monetary unit in bills?

Euros. There are both bills and coins.

What is 33.99 dollars in 15 coins?

Many countries use dollars as their currency but their coinage is not the same. It is therefore not possible to answer the question in terms of the composition of coinage. Besides, 33.99 dollars is 33.99 dollars, whether it is in 15 counts or 501! The value does not depend on the number of coins used!

How much is 33 dollars in euro coins worth in American dollars?

Roughly, €1 = $1.57. See for exchange rates. However U.S. banks will pay far less to exchange coins vs. exchanging bills, if they will do it at all. Your best bet would be to find someone who is travelling to the EU and sell them the coins for use when they arrive.