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The answer is 19.

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Q: What is the least positive integer which should be added to 1350 so that the resulting integer is a perfect square?
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What is least positive integer by which 68 should be multiplied so that resultant integer is a perfect square?


Why cant a negative integer be greater than a positive integer?

By definition, a negative integer is any integer less than zero. Similarly, a positive integer is any integer greater than zero. It should be immediately obvious that an integer cannot be both less than and greater than zero. Therefore, a negative integer cannot be greater than a positive integer.

Is fifty a perfect square?

No to be a perfect square you should be able to take the number and square root it on the calculator and get an integer.

What least integer should be multiplied by 2.1 0.3 to makt a perfect squaree you?


What is the sum of the first hundred positive odd integers subtracted from sum of the first hundred positive even integer?

Should be 50! Every odd integer is 1 less than the corresponding even integer and there are 50 of each in 100...

Design an algorithm for finding all the factors of positive integerfor example in the case of the integer 12your algorithm should report 12346 and 12?

design an algorithm for finding all the factors of a positive integer

What is the least no should be subtracted from 316548 to make the result divisible by 365?

The smallest positive integer is 93.

What least no should be subtracted from 316548 make he result exactly divisible by 375?

The smallest positive integer is 48.

What blood type does a person with Type A get?

I assume you are meaning in a transfusion. The ideal blood should be a perfect match. A positive should get A positive. In an emergency an A positive can receive any blood that has no B genotype. O+/-, A+/-,but NO B or AB.

Should the quotient of an integer and a nonzero integer always be rational?


What is a perfect square and a perfect cube?

A perfect Square means a shape having 4 equal sides and the angle between two adjecent lines should be 90, But a perfect Cube means its an OBJECT with its four sides are equal dimentions. Any square has 4 equal sides and 90 degree corner angles. This is a question about number theory. A perfect square is a number whose square root is an integer (eg 9, 49 etc). Similarly a perfect cube is a number whose cube root is an integer (eg 8, 27 etc)

What is the restriction to be followed when using a modulo operator modulo operator?

Both arguments should be integer should be integer.

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