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With the help of Pythagoras' theorem the length of the chord works out as 9 cm or 90 mm

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Q: What is the length of a chord of a circle whose midpoint is 6 cm from the circle's centre which has a diameter of 150 mm?
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What is the midpoint of the circle?

It is its centre or the midpoint of its diameter.

What is the point that is the same distance from any circle?

There is such a point only if all the circles are concentric.

What is the center of the circle with a diameter whose endpoints are (27) and (-6-1)?

Diameter endpoints: (2, 7) and (-6, -1) Centre of circle will be the midpoint which is: (-2, 3)

If 5 7 and 9 3 are the end point of a diameter of acirclethen the centre ofthecircleis?

End points of diameter: (5, 7) and (9, 3) Midpoint of diameter which is the centre of circle: (7, 5)

What is the name of the midpoint of a circle?

Its centre!

What is external diameter?

The diameter is the measurement of a line that goes right through a circle, through the centre point. In cases where we have a ring or some other such object with multiple circles, we would have an external diameter and an internal diameter. The internal diameter is the diameter of the inner circle. The external diameter is the diameter of the outer circle.

Do concentric circles have the same circles?

No. You can only define a circle by radius, diameter, area, perimeter. Concentric circles have the same centre, therefore, if they were the same circles with the same radius, then they would all lie on top of each other and be effectively one circle.

What is the center of the circle with the endpoints of the diameter at -2 8 and 6 4?

centre is the midpoint of the line → centre = ((-2 + 6)/2, (8 + 4)/2) = (2, 6)

It a right triangle is inscribed in a circle the the what is a diameter of the circle?

The diameter is the distance across the centre of the circle.

If a circles radius is 2.5cm what is the diameter?

The diameter of a circle is twice the radius.

Is the diameter of a circle always the same?

Every diameter of the same circle is the same length, and unless someone comes alongand stretches the circle when you're not looking, the diameter doesn't change.So...YES-----------I disagree...No they are not... all circles would be the same size if that were the case.What remains a constant is that all circles are 360 degrees.==================================The question doesn't ask about " ... the diameter of circles ... ".It asks about " ... the diameter of a circle ... ".The diameter of circles is not always the same, butthe diameter of any one circle is always the same.P.S.: This is not the place to debate the answer.The "discussion area" is.

Why are radius and diameter different?

The radius is half of the diameter. The radius of a circle is the distance from the centre to the circumference. The diameter of a circle is the length of a straight line from one point on the circumference to another, passing through the centre of the circle.