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It's called a vinculum.

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Q: What is the line separating the numbers in a fraction called?
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What is the top of a fraction called?

A fraction has two parts. On the top is the numerator, and on the bottom is the denominator. The line separating them is called the vinculum.

What is the line separating the numerator and denominator called?

They are called these names: 1. solidus 2. fraction bar 3. division bar

What is the name of a line that divides a fraction?

The line separating the numerator and denominator when displayed as one number over another is called Vinculum, or sometimes referred to as the fraction bar. If the line is a slanting line (such as in "9/10"), it's referred to as the solidus.

What is a line separating the land and the oceans called?

The coastline

What is the line in between the two numbers of a fraction?

It is the solidus line that separates the numerator from the denominator in a fraction

What is the vertical line called separating the numerator from the denominator?

It's called a vinculum.

What is a vulgar fraction and give example?

A vulgar fraction is a common fraction which is written as one integer (whole) number over another integer with a line between the two, for example 3/4.The line separating the two numbers can be sloping (as above) or horizontal, as in:3-4but this latter form is not always easy to display and use on a computer (especially here).

What does the line in fraction called?

It is usually called the division bar or the fraction bar

What is the number ontop of the line in a fraction called?

The number above the line in a fraction is called the numerator. The number below the line is called the denominator. So in the fraction 5/7 5 is the numerator and 7 is the denominator.

What is the name of the line in between 2 numbers of a fraction?

The solidus

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What is a part of a fraction written below the fraction line called?