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log(202) = 2log(20) = 2*1.30103 = 2.60206

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Q: What is the log of 20 to the second power is?
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What is the log of two to the power of twenty?

log(220) = 20log(2) = 20*0.30103 = 6.0206

What does 40 to the second power equal?


What is log to the third power equal to?

Log (x^3) = 3 log(x) Log of x to the third power is three times log of x.

Is -20 to the second power equal to -400?


How to factor 20 x to the second power - 28x?


Is log 5 equivalent to log 5-log 20?

No. log 20 is a positive number , so it you subtract it from log 5 you get less than log 5. However, log10 5 = 1 - log102 = 2- log1020 . or log 5 - log 20 = log 5 - log 4*5 = log 5 - (log 5 + log 4) = log 5 - log 5 - log 4 = - log 4 But we do not need to do all of these computations, because log 5 is different from log 5 - log 20 by the law of the equality that says two equals remain equal if and only if we subtract (in our case) the same thing from them.

How you determine the absolute power gain in unitless and decibel (dB) when the input power level is 100mW and output power level is 20 watts?

The absolute power gain is the output power divided by the input power, in this case 20 / 0.1 or 200. In decibels this is 10 log 200 which is 23 dBs.

How do you solve the equation -3 equals 20log pharanthesis start X divide by 775 pharanthesis end?

-3 = 20*log(x/775)This is made difficult by the function 'log'but lets start with what we easily can do.Lets divide by 20 at both sides.-3/20 = 20*log(x/775)/20 of which can be simplified into:-3/20 = log(x/775)Now for the fun part. We need to take log out, but how?What is the inverse function of log? I'll just explain that one with a couple of examples.10 to the power of log (9) = 9.10 to the power of log (5) = 5.It isn't that hard to understand really but I would not have thought of it myself if my calculator did not tell me.Back to the equation. We have :-3/20 = log(x/775)We would like to take the function 'log' away on the right side and put it on the left side. By doing just that, we use the inverse function on both sides.10^(-3/20)=10^(log(x/775)) of which turns into:10^(-3/20)=x/775Now to get rid of the number on the right side, we simply multiply on both sides.10^(-3/20)*775=x/775*775 of which turns into:10^(-3/20)*775=xor it can be written like:X=10^(-3/20)*775Eqation solved.++++What was the origin of the question? It looks like a decibel calculation, though not in acoustics with such a high divisor.

What is 20 to the 2nd power?

20 to the second power is more commonly known as 202 or 20 squared. Squaring is calculated by taking two of the number and multiplying them together. In this case, 20x20=400 and so 20 to the 2nd power is 400.

What is 20 to the second power?

It equals 200 because 20x20 equals 200

What is 20-1-6-2 to the second power?

(20-1-6-2)2 = 112 = 121

What is the sum of second power of 4 and second power 2?

Calculate the powers, and do the addition. For example, the second power of 4 is the same as 4 x 4 (you are supposed to multiply 4 by itself).