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the math used 2 calculate wrk iz 2hw+2hl+2wl=surface area 4 rectagular prism

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Q: What is the math formula used to calculate work?
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If the formula to calculate work is distance divided by time how do you apply the formula?

You would have a very tough time, because that isn't the formula to calculate work. (distance) divided by (time) is the formula to calculate speed. The formula to calculate work is: (force) multiplied by (distance).

How is math used in veterinary work?

Having to calculate amounts of drugs and liquid. Ratios for the drugs. etc.

The formula work and time is used to calculate what?

Power = Work/Time Time = Work/Power Work = Power * Time See related links for a power calculator. Insert work and time to calculate power.

What is the formula to calculate percent efficiency?

(work out/work in) x 100

Formula to calculate work output?

Work Output=Resistance X Distance

What is the most commonly used formula used to calculate mass?

mass = volume x density mass = force / acceleration mass = work / (acceleration x distance)

What formula do you use to calculate the amount of work?

Work is computed by figuring how much energy is being used.

What formula can be used to calculate work if the force acts at an angle to the displacement?

Work = (Force) x (Distance the object moves) x (cosine of the angle between force and motion)

When is math used?

math is used when you are trying to brake a problem down or trying to work something out

What is a key in math?

In math you need to be very smart,and work hard. Now if you think your to smart how would you calculate the surface area of a cone?

What is the formula you use to calculate work?

i don't know so ha ha

How do you calculate BASIC math quickly?

use your brain. and if that doesnt work, theres this thing called a calculator (: