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The symbol is §

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Q: What is the math symbol for corresponding sides?
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Related questions

If two rectangles are similar then the corresponding sides are?

If two rectangles are similar, they have corresponding sides and corresponding angles. Corresponding sides must have the same ratio.

What are similar solids in math.?

These are solids whose corresponding sides are in the same proportion, and all its angles are equal.

What polygons that have corresponding angels congruent and corresponding sides proportional?

polygons that have corresponding angles congruent and corresponding sides proportional

What is the mathematical definition for corresponding sides?

Corresponding sides are sides that have the exact same length.

Help with math - similar shapes?

shapes where corresponding angles are the same and corresponding sides are in proportion. they are the same shape and one is either bigger or smaller than the other.

What are corresponding sides and angles?

corresponding sides and angles are congruent s/a

Are all corresponding sides and angles congruent?

Corresponding sides and angles are not all congruent.

When naming corresponding angles how would it be written?

Corresponding sides means that the sides are congruent

What is true about corresponding angles and corresponding sides of similar figures?

The ratio between corresponding sides or angles of similar triangles are equal

What is special about the corresponding sides of similar figures?

The ratio of the corresponding sides is the same for each pair.

What is congruent polygon?

Their corresponding angles and corresponding sides are congruent.

What does CPCTC mean in math terms?

CPCTC is an acronym for the phrase 'corresponding parts of congruent triangles are congruent' It means that once we know that two triangles are congruent, we know that all corresponding sides and angles are congruent.

What are two solids whose corresponding sides have a constant ratio?

The corresponding sides of similar solids have a constant ratio.

Are corresponding sides proportional?


Can you assume that corresponding sides and corresponding angles of any two similar triangles are congruent and why?

you can assume that the angles are congruent, but not the sides.

What is corresponding in math?

coresponding is lines

What does corresponding mean in math?


What is the relationship between corresponding sides in similar triangles?

Corresponding sides are congruent with one another, meaning they have the same length/measurement

In similar triangles corresponding What is are congruent and corresponding?

For segments or angles, "congruent" means that they have the same measure.For more complicated figures, such as triangles, "congruent" means that all corresponding sides and angles are congruent. "Corresponding" means that you make an assignment, from angles and sides of one triangle, to angles and sides of the other triangle. For example, you might label the sides of one triangle a1, b1, c1, and the sides of other triangle a2, b2, c2 - and you consider the "a" sides to be "corresponding".

Can you have two polygons with congruent corresponding sides but not congruent corresponding angles?

No, you cannot.

Two polygons are similar if the corresponding angles are congruent and the corresponding sides are?


What are geometric figures if they have equal corresponding angles and proportional corresponding sides?

They are similar.

What is the ratio between the corresponding sides of two congruent shapes?

Since by definition corresponding sides of congruent shapes have the same length, the answer is 1.

What triangle has congruent corresponding sides and congruent corresponding angles?

It is an equilateral triangle that has 3 equal sides and 3 equal interior angles

With similar triangles the ratios of all three parts of corresponding sides are never equal?

The ratios of all three corresponding sides is ALWAYS equal. But there is nothing that can be said about parts of the sides.

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