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The fourth part; the quarter., The quarter of a circle, or of the circumference of a circle, an arc of 90¡, or one subtending a right angle at the center., One of the four parts into which a plane is divided by the coordinate axes. The upper right-hand part is the first quadrant; the upper left-hand part the second; the lower left-hand part the third; and the lower right-hand part the fourth quadrant., An instrument for measuring altitudes, variously constructed and mounted for different specific uses in Astronomy, surveying, gunnery, etc., consisting commonly of a graduated arc of 90¡, with an index or vernier, and either plain or telescopic sights, and usually having a plumb line or spirit level for fixing the vertical or horizontal direction.

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Q: What is the meaning of quadrant?
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What fraction of a circle is a quadrant?

25% or 1/4, this is because it is a quadrant. Meaning a "quad" as in 4 therefore one quadrant is 1/4.

What is the medical abbreviation meaning left upper quadrant?

LUQ is the abbreviation for left upper quadrant.

What is the quadrant of 5 and -3?


What is the sign of the cordinates each quadrant?

Quadrant I : (+, +) Quadrant II : (-, +) Quadrant III : (-, -) Quadrant IV : (+, -)

What are the four quadrants of a cartesian graph?

Quadrant I ( + , + ) Quadrant II ( - , + ) Quadrant III ( - , - ) Quadrant IV ( + , - )

What are the regions on the coordinate plane called?

Quadrant 3 Quadrant 4 Quadrant 2 Quadrant 1

In which quadrant will the value of x be negative?

The value of x will be negative in the bottom left quadrant (quadrant 3) and the top left quadrant (quadrant 2).

What is an example of an ordered pair from each quadrant?

Quadrant 1: (1,5) Quadrant 2: (-2,3) Quadrant 3: (-3,-3) Quadrant 4:(4,-1)

A quadrant can be divided into how many quadrants?

1 quadrant = 1 quadrant. Or what is the question?

What is converse of quadrant IV if the points are negative?

The meaning of the question is not at all clear. Quadrant IV contains points whose x-coordinate is positive and the y-coordinate is negative. So what is meant by the "point" being negative? Also, quadrant IV is not an operation. So what is meant by its converse?

What quadrant is the gallbladder in?

upper right quadrant

How do you find perimeter of quadrant?

perimeter of what quadrant?

What quadrant is your spleen?

Left Upper Quadrant

What quadrant is 015 in?

what quadrant is (0,-15) in

What is a quadrant 1?

Quadrant one is the upper right quadrant, or where both X and Y are positive.

Where would a doctor listen for bowel sounds?

Right upper quadrant Right Lower quadrant Left upper quadrant Left lower quadrant

What is the four parts of a coordinate called?

they are called quadrant 1st quadrant lies between x,y 2nd quadrant -x,y 3rd quadrant -x, -y 4th quadrant x, -y

Is the stomach located in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen?

left upper quadrant left upper quadrant

Whats the meaning of theta in the first quadrant?

It means that 0 < theta < pi/2 radians or 90 degrees.

What quadrant is the pancreas located?

Upper right quadrant

What quadrant is -210 degrees in?

The second quadrant.

What quadrant is the gallbladder located?

right upper quadrant

What does a quadrant look like?

what does a quadrant looks like

What quadrant is the stomach located?

What quadrant is stomach located in

What region and quadrant is the gallbladder in?

Right upper quadrant