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Area = 108cm2

Width = 12cm

Length = 9cm

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Q: What is the measure of the missing dimension for a rectangle that a-108cm2 w equals 12 cm?
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How do you find the missing dimensions in generic rectangle?

You must use the information given that describes that particular rectangle,together with the laws, equations, and formulas you have that relate to theproperties of rectangles, to derive the missing information.The answer will depend on what dimension is missing and what information you do have.

How do you find the missing dimension of rectangle?

Step 1: Identify what dimension is missing. Step 2: Identify what information is available. Step 3: Frame a sensible question based on steps 1 and 2.

How do you measure the area of a rectangle missing a corner?

If you know the dimensions of the missing triangle, then compute the area from those dimensions, then subtract that answer from the area of the full rectangle.

How do you find the missing dimension?

To find a missing dimension of an object find the size of its covering properties.

How do you find the area of a rectangle if part of the shape is missing?

Area of rectangle with part of the shape missing = area of rectangle (lengthxwidth)-area of missing part.

What is the width of a rectangle with a perimeter of 34 cm and a length of 15 cm?

Its width would be 2cm. To find the missing dimension, divide the perimeter by two, then subtract the known variable.

When finding the area of an rectangle how do you solve the problem if they only give you the lengt an the area?

-- If they give you the length and the area, then you don't have to look very hard to find the area. It's right there in front of you, and you only need to copy it. -- If they give you the area and one dimension, then the quotient of (area) divided by (the given dimension) is the missing dimension.

How do you find the missing measure of an acute triangle?

It depends on what measure is missing.

How do you find the surface area of a rectangular prism if you are missing a dimension?

You cannot.

What is the measurement of a rectangle?

A rectangle has a length, a width, and an area. If you know any two of them, you can figure out the missing one.

How do you find the perimeter of a rectangle if part of the shape is missing?

You don't

I Have this formula to work out the dimension of a rectangle 1m squared equals w x bracket w x root 2 bracket please help?

Not enough information has been given and the plus or minus signs are missing but in general the area of a rectangle is its length multiplied by its width and measured in square units.

How do you find the missing measurement in a paralellagram?

It depends on what measure is missing.

Are 2 dimensional works missing height?

No, most 2 dimensional works have aspects of height and length and are missing the dimension of depth.

How do you find a missing angle on a rectangle?

In a rectangle, each angle HAS to be 90 degrees because -360 divided by four corners= 90 -a rectangle HAS to have 4 right angles

How do you find the measure of a angle with two measure missing?

you cant

How do you do missing angles of rectangles?

A rectangle always has an angle of 90 degrees no matter what.

How many cubic feet in a building 30 foot by 40 foot?

the 3rd dimension is missing.

How many 12x8x16 blocks are needed for a 90 foot by 4 foot wall?

The question is incomplete .One dimension of wall is missing . The unit of dimension of bricks is undefined.

How many gallons in a 14 foot by 48 inch pool?

There is a third dimension missing from this question 14x4x?

What is the missing angle measure in a trapezoid?

The answer will depend on what information you do have!

What are the ratings and certificates for Missing - 2012 Measure of a Man 1-7?

Missing - 2012 Measure of a Man 1-7 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:12

What is 6900 square inches in cubic feet?

There is no such conversion from square to cubic. You are missing a dimension of either x, or y, or z.

How many cubic feet is a refrigerator that measures 32 high x 19 wide?

Missing one more dimension

What is the dimension of 27 83?

The answer will depend on (a) whet the dimensions of the two quantities are, and (b) what the missing operator between the two quantities is.