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Q: What is the median for this set of numbers?
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What is the median in a set of numbers?

to find the median in a set of numbers you have to order them from the smallest to the largest and find the middle value e.g. 2,4,3,7,1 1,2,3,4,7 the median is 3

What is the median of 278?

Median is the middle value in a set of numbers. The median of 278 is 278.

What is a median in a set of numbers?

If its a odd set of numbers then the median will be (n+1/2)th term. where, n=set of numbers like 2,4,5 then the median will be (3+1/2)th term=2nd term=4. therefore the median is 4 And if its a even set of numbers like 1,4,7,9,6,8 then the median will be the (sum of mid numbers/2) 7+9/2=8 therefore the median is 8

What set of numbers has the median of 10.5?


How does the mean compare to the median?

The mean and the median are both involved with a set of numbers. The mean refers to the average of the numbers. The median refers to the middle number of the numbers

What if you get point like 6.5 in median?

Then that is the median. A median does not have to be a whole number. It can be a decimal number, even when the set of the numbers you are getting the median for are all whole numbers.

The median of a set of numbers?

a median is the number in the middle of the set. if you come down to 2 numbers, find the number in between those two.

What does the median of something mean?

median is the middle of something, usually a set of numbers

What if the data set was even and the numbers were the same for the median?

You then add the two middle ones and divide by two to get the median. If the numbers are the same then that is your median.

How do you find the median of a set f numbers?

The median can be found by putting all of the numbers you have into ascending order, and then the number in the dead middle is the median.

How can the median in a set of numbers be 0?

the median is the middle in a set of numbers so if you had a set of 5 numbers like -2, -1, 0, 1, and 2 the middle number would be zero.

How do you find out a median of a set of numbers?

If you order the numbers from the higher to the lowest, the median is the number separating the lower half of the numbers from the higher half of the numbers in the set. If you have an odd number of elements in the set then the median is in the middle of this descending ordered numbers. If you have an even number of elements then, in order to determine the median, you calculate the mean of the two middle values.

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