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The active phase of Trager therapy. Mentastics are a form of movement reeducation in which clients learn to reexperience movement as pleasurable and positive.

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Q: What is the mentastics part of Trager psychophysical integration therapy?
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What is Trager psychophysical integration?

Trager psychophysical integration therapy, also known as the Tragerwork system of physical integration, is a combination of hands-on tissue mobilization, relaxation, and movement reeducation called Mentastics.

What is Mentastics?

The movement form of Trager psychophysical Integration bodywork, Mentastics, consists of fun, easy swinging, shaking, and stretching movements.

Who invented Trager psychophysical integration therapy?

Psychophysical integration therapy began with Dr. Milton Trager (1908-1997), who earned a medical degree in midlife after working out his approach to healing chronic pain. Trager was born with a spinal deformity and overcame it

What is the basic principle of Trager psychophysical integration therapy?

The underlying principle of psychophysical integration is that clients learn to be lighter, easier, and freer by experiencing lightness, ease, and freedom of movement in their bodies.

What conditions does Trager psychophysical integration therapy treat?

Psychophysical integration therapy has been helpful in relieving muscle discomfort in patients afflicted with polio, muscular dystrophy, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, post-stroke trauma, and psychiatric disturbances

What is the tablework part of Trager psychophysical integration therapy?

The passive phase of Trager therapy, in which the practitioner uses gentle and noninvasive movements to allow the client to relax deeply and experience physical movement as free and effortless.

What research has been done on Trager psychophysical integration therapy?

The therapy has been reported as a commonly employed treatment for mainstream athletes. In addition, the National Institutes of Health lists psychophysical therapy as a mind-body form of complementary alternative medicine.

What is hook-up in Trager psychophysical integration therapy?

A state of effortless connection with a life-enhancing force. Trager practitioners enter a state of hook-up before working with clients in order to focus on their needs. Trager himself described hook-up as a meditative process

How does Trager psychophysical integration therapy help athletes?

Athletes may benefit from this system to increase resilience to injuries and to improve their mental attitudes. In addition, the Trager Institute maintains that Tragerwork helps clients achieve greater mental clarity

What side effects can Trager psychophysical integration therapy cause?

It is possible that some clients may have emotional reactions associated with the release of physical patterns acquired as a response to trauma, but such reactions are unusual.

What are the parts of the Trager method?

The Trager method consists of two parts, a passive aspect referred to as tablework and an active aspect called Mentastics, which is a self-care exercise program.

How tall is Randy Trager?

Randy Trager is 6' 3".