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Q: What is the most reasonable interval for the data 2 4 1 7 5?
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What is the most reasonable interval for the data 1 2 3 3 4 6 7 8?

1 to 8, surely!

What is the most reasonable interval for 3 4 6 7 8 3 2 1?

1 - 8, unless there is a logical reason for another interval.

What is the most reasonable data for 2 4 1 7 5?

All five points are reasonable.

Express age of group of person as nominal data?

illustrate how you can express the age of group of persons as {1}nominal,{2}ordinal data,{3} interval data,{4}ratio data

How do you find out the modal range?

if data is in the form of frequency distribution then the modal range is the interval containing the highest frequency of observations

Interval and ratio data examples?

Interval Data: Temperature, Dates (data that has has an arbitrary zero) Ratio Data: Height, Weight, Age, Length (data that has an absolute zero) Nominal Data: Male, Female, Race, Political Party (categorical data that cannot be ranked) Ordinal Data: Degree of Satisfaction at Restaurant (data that can be ranked)

A suggested class interval can be determined by the formula?

n=1+3.3logN n is equal to the class interval N is equal to the number of raw data given you must compute first the expression logN then multiply it by 3.3 then add 1

What are gaps clusters and outliers in math?

Gap: ina data display, a large space between data points.Ex. 3,4,5, Gap 20,22Cluster: in a data display, a cluster is several data points lie in a small interval. Ex. 7,8,9,0,2345678Outliers: A number ina set of data that is much larger or smaller than most of the other numbers in the set.Ex. 1, ( outlier ) 52, 55, 57,59, 129 (outlier)

Total number of parellels at an interval of 5 degree?

What is the interval notation of -1<5x+1<4

What is the value of greenwich lunitidal interval?

lunitidal interval is 1:10 for London

How do you find the mode of a data set without two of the same numbers?

If none of the numbers in a set of data are repeated you have two options: Options 1: leave the data set as it is and call every value a mode. One instance when the mode is hardly a useful measure. Option 2: Group the data and find the class interval with the highest frequency density. This would be the modal interval. Note, though, that the class intervals that you choose will influence the result.

1 Degree Celsius is equal to Fahrenheit?

A temperature interval of 1 degree Fahrenheit is equal to an interval of 5⁄9degrees Celsius.