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It means that in an equation, you can multiply both sides (left and right of the equal sign) by the same number (except zero), without changing the result set.

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Q: What is the multiplication property of equality words and symbols?
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The Associative Property of Multiplication?

This is stated in symbols: (a x b) x c = a x (b x c). In other words, you get the same result whether you multiply the two numbers on the left first, or first the two numbers on the right. This refers to multiplication of real numbers, as usually defined; there have indeed been operationes defined, also known as "multiplication", that don't fulfill this property.

What is assiociative property of multiplication?

Associative property of multiplication states that: (ab)c = a(bc) In words, no matter which order you multiply the numbers by, you obtain the same results.

What is the definition of reflexive property of equality?

The reflexive property simply says that A=A, in other words, any number is equal to itself.

What is meant by the term method?

Make a fold-able with the following properties: 1.Commutative Property of Addition and Multiplication 2.Associative Property of Addition and Multiplication 3.Identity Property of Addition and Multiplication a. Addition b.Subtraction c.Multiplication d.Division 4.Multiplication Property of Zero Inside each flap, be sure to include: . A definition in your own words . At least 2 examples of each property This fold-able is due Tuesday,January 18,2011.

What property is 5x equals 5x?

The equation is true because of the reflexive property of equality which states in words that every quantity is equal to inself.

Other words that mean multiplication?

other word tnat mean multiplication

Write a definition for the the Associative Property of Multiplication in your own words and explain how you would use it to compute 4x25x27 mentally.?

the property which states that for all real numbers a,b,and c their product is always the same, regardless of their grouping

What is the preservation of equality?


What are the Latin symbols used in mathematics?

Latin was the language spoken by the Romans so the obvious Latin mathematical symbols would be the Roman numeral system. Many of our mathematical words such as addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, fraction, decimal, percentage, calculate ........ etc. come directly from the Latin language.

The words equality and inequity are synonyms?


What Are Some Other Words For Multiplicaton In Math?

other words for multiplication

Do the words more than sometimes suggest the operation of multiplication?

Yesthe words more than do sometimes suggest the operation of multiplication. Also the words more than suggest the operation of adding.