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The numbers in addition sentences are called addends . :)

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The name of the numbers being added in an addition problem?

adden (addens plural)

What is the name of the numbers being addition in a adding?

The addends.

What are the name for the numbers being added together to get the sum?


What is the name for the numbers being multiplied?

In multiplication, the numbers that are being multiplied together are called factors. Multiplication is the third basic mathematical operation of arithmetic, after addition and subtraction and before division.

What are the numbers in addition equation called?

The name of the two numbers added together in an addition sum is the addends.Ans 2.An addition equation contains three numbers.The first number is called the augend from the latin "that which is to be increased"The second number is called the addend - from the latin "that which will be added"The third number is called the sum from the latin summa or "highest"It is interesting that this implies that the sum will be higher than either of the other two; in other words these names were given back in the days when mathematicians felt that negative numbers were somehow improper.

What is the name given to two numbers to be added together?


What are the name of the numbers added together to make a sum?

the products

What is the name of the answer of two numbers added together?

You are describing a 'sum'.

Name of number being added?

An addend is a number or quantity to be added to another.

How do you work out the mean of numbers?

You add all the numbers together and divide the answer by the amount of numbers that were added. Another name for the mean is the average.

What is name the units that are being added or subtracted in a fraction?

The numerator is whats being subtracted or added when you are subtracting or adding a fraction

What is the name of the numbers in a addition problem?

Let's say we have the addition problem 1 + 2 = 3 1 and 2 are the addends. 3 is the sum.

Will the name of the spouse added to an Indian lady's name who gets married?

The name addition totally depends on the lady wishes. She may or may not add her spouse's name.

What is the name for the numbers being multiplied in a multiplication problem?


What is the name of the solution of two numbers being divided?

The quotient

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What is the name for the numbers that's being divided by in a division problem?


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What is another name for 'addition'?


Why does my Mac keep adding numbers to end of my network volume name - example Media Center - 16?

Numbers are added to the end of a disc's name when the disc is trying to connect to itself somewhere within the network set up. It assumes it has found a disc with an identical name and so to avoid confusing itself it will add a number to the name of the "new" disc to differentiate it from the the original disc - which of course, being the same disc, now has the same name and number added and so next time it tries to connect it adds 1 to the name of the new disc....... repeat as required.

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What is the Name of the answer to an addition fraction problem?

the answer is the addition fraction answer