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The name of the two numbers added together in an addition sum is the addends.

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An addition equation contains three numbers.

The first number is called the augend from the latin "that which is to be increased"

The second number is called the addend - from the latin "that which will be added"

The third number is called the sum from the latin summa or "highest"

It is interesting that this implies that the sum will be higher than either of the other two; in other words these names were given back in the days when mathematicians felt that negative numbers were somehow improper.

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Q: What are the numbers in addition equation called?
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When two numbers you add together are switched to make a new equation what is this called?

It is called the commutativity of addition of numbers.

In a mathematical equation the addends are the?

numbers that are combined in addition process

What are the two numbers in addition equation?

The summands Also the addends

What are numbers added together in addition called?

Numbers added together in addition are called addends.

What is an addition equation?

when you add numbers together. Ex.: 5 + 5 = 10

What is the name for the numbers being added in a addition?

The numbers in addition sentences are called addends . :)

What are numbers in addition problem called?


What are numbers in an addition problem called?


In an addition the numbers to be added are called?

They are the summands.

What are numbers that has factors in addition to one and itself?

They are called Composite Numbers.

What are the numbers called to get to the sum?

Assuming it is an addition sum - in any addition sum such as 5 + 6 = 11, the numbers 5 and 6 are called addends.

What operation gives you the sum of 2 numbers?

The operation is called addition.