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Perpendicular lines meet at 90 degrees

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Q: What is the name of the line if it is 90 degrees?
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Does 90 degrees west longitude have a name?

No. 90 degrees longitude is not a major line of longitude. Only 0 and 180 degrees longitude, which are the Greenwich Meridian and the International Date Line respectively, are major lines of longitude.

Why is there 90 degrees in a right angle?

Because 90 degrees is half of a straight line. A straight line is equal to 180 degrees. 180 divided by 2 = 90.

What is a line at 90 degrees to another line?

A line that is at 90 degrees to another line is called a perpendicular line. Perpendicular lines intersect at right angles (90 degrees) forming a "L" shape.

What would be the line of longitude for a place that is west of the prime meridianhalfway between the prime meridian and the180 degrees line of longitude?

90 degrees 40 degrees and 90 degrees

What line is perpendicular to a horizontal line?

A vertical line at 90 degrees

What is a nonverticle line?

It is a line that is not at an angle of 90 degrees to the horizontal!

Which term describes lines that intersect at a 90 degree angle?

It is a perpendicular line that intercepts another line at 90 degrees.

How can you construct 135 degree angle only with a scale and compasses?

Construct a perpendicular line that intersects a horizontal line at 90 degrees and then bisect the vertical line with the horizontal line will give an obtuse angle of 135 degrees because 90 degrees+45 degrees = 135 degrees

What is a six-letter word for a line with angles that is not straight?

Obtuse Yes, For a line set that has an angle greater than 90 degrees, the line set is "OBTUSE". For a line set that has an angle less than 90 degrees, the line set is "ACUTE". For a line set that has an angle equal to 90 degrees, the line set is "RIGHT ANGLE".

What is perpaendicular line?

It is a straight line that intersects another line at 90 degrees

What is the name of the latitude line 180 degrees north and south of the prime meridian?

the Prime meridian is a longitudinal line at 0 degrees and runs north and south. There is no 180 degrees below or above it. 180 degrees latitude doesn't exist. Latitudes range from 90 degrees south, at the south pole, through zero, at the equator, to 90 degrees north, at the north pole. There are no latitude numbers greater than 90.

An angle of 180 degree is called what?

a flat line.90 degrees is a straight corner, L180 degrees is a straight line, l270 degrees is a straight corner but opposite of 90 degrees, L360 degrees is a straight line that have turned all the way round, l