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-(-1/3)=1/3 or one third

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Q: What is the negative reciprocal of 2-5?
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What is the reciprocal of negative 13 over 8?

To get the reciprocal of a fraction, exchange the numerator and the denominator (the top and bottom parts). The reciprocal of a negative fraction is also negative.

What is the negative reciprocal of 0?

The negative reciprocal of zero would be any undefined fraction. 0/x=0 negative reciprocal: -(x/0)= undefined.

What if the slope is negative already what would be the reciprocal?

It would be the negative of the negative reciprocal. And since the negative of a negative is a posivie, it is the positive reciprocal.. For example, if the slope was -3, the other would be 1/3.

Why is the reciprocal of the opposite of a nonzero number the opposite of the reciprocal of the number?

Taking the reciprocal (multiplicative inverse) does not affect the positive or negative status of an integer. So the reciprocal of a negative number is negative and the reciprocal of a positive number is positive. The reciprocals will be opposites (positive/negative) just as the original numbers were.

Two adjacent sides of a rectangle must have?

negative reciprocal slopes

What is the negative reciprocal of a slope?

The negative reciprocal of any gradient gives the gradient of the line perpendicular to it. If you had a line of gradient 2, the negative reciprocal would be -1/2 Just change the sign on the number and flip the number/fraction to get the negative reciprocal.

Why will sin and cosecant have the same sign?

The cosecant is the reciprocal of the sine function. Now, the reciprocal of a positive number is positive, and the reciprocal of a negative number is negative.

What is the reciprocal of 25?

The reciprocal of one number is another number which when both are multiplied, give a product of 1. In the case of a whole number, the reciprocal is 1 divided by that number.... so the reciprocal of 25 is 1/25 or 0.04

What is the reciprocal of negative 17 over 3?

the reciprocal would be negative 3 over 7, unless you are trying to find the negative reciprocal, then the answer would be positive 3 over 7. hope this helped you :)

What is the reciprocal of 25 feet per second?

0.25 no, 0.25 (or 1/4), is the reciprocal of 4. the reciprocal of 25 is 1/25

What is reciprocal of 15?

A reciprocal is the number flipped and multiplied by a negative, so 15/1 as a reciprocal is -1/15.

What is the reciprical of negative two and one quarter?

reciprocal of a negative is still a negative, and 2 and a quarter can be rewritten as 9/4. The reciprocal of this number is 4/9. Therefore, the reciprocal of -2 and a quarter is -4/9.

What is the negative reciprocal of -3?

The reciprocal of a number is 1 divide by that number - the reciprocal of -3 is 1/(-3), or -1/3. So, the negative reciprocal of -3 would be 1/3 (without the minus sign).

Can a negative slope a have negative reciprocal?


The reciprocal of a number?

The reciprocal of a number is the number backwards in fraction form. For example, the reciprocal of 25 would be 1/25. The reciprocal of 5/10 would be 10/5.

What is the reciprocal of 2 over 25?

reciprocal of 2 over 25 = 25/2

Negative 3 is the reciprocal so what is the opposite of negative 3?

Actually the reciprocal of any number is that number in the denominator instead of in the numerator. The reciprocal of -3 is 1 over -3.

What is the negative reciprocal of -0.1?

The reciprocal of -1/10 is -10, and the negative of -10 is 10 .

What is the definition of a negative reciprocal?

Negative reciprocal is something you use in math that often times help you find a perpendicular line to an equation. ex: for an equation with a slope of 5x, the recriprocal would be -1/5x. what you do is you flip flop the bottom and the top, 1/5x. That is the reciprocal alone and to make it a negative reciprocal you just simply add the negative sign.

When you get the reciprocal of and negative number will it still be negative?


What is the negative reciprocal of negative 7?


What is a reciprocal of 25?


What is the reciprocal of -25?


Is the number positive if the power is negative?

It does not work that way. A negative power is simply the reciprocal. So that x-a = 1/xa The reciprocal is negative or positive according to whether the number itself is negative or positive. [And, if the number is 0, the reciprocal is not defined.]

What is the reciprocal of negative three fourths?

Negative four thirds