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The next letter will be C.

To find this you must first take and write out the alphabet and assign a number to each letter. So A = 1, B = 2 and C = 3. After you have finished this then LONLPIRFT becomes 12,15,14,12,16,9,18,6,20. Now we need to find the pattern. If you count up the letters their are 9. So you either have 4 pairs with a final pair that is incomplete or you have a pattern that is associated with 3 sets of 3. If you try the 3 sets of 3 first you do not come up with a pattern that is recognizable so you then look at the first set of numbers in a pair. 12 and 15, if you add these two together they become 27. Then the second pair is 14 and 12. If you add these toghether they become 26. I think we found the pattern that is decreasing by 1. So the last pattern should have a sum that equals 23. Simple algebra tells us that number is 3 wich is refferenced to C.

So the pattern is LONLPIRFTC

12+15 = 27

14+12 = 26

16+9 = 25

18+6 = 24

20+X = 23

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Audie Lubowitz

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โˆ™ 2022-11-28 06:45:42
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Q: What is the next letter in this series?
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