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The only even Prime number is 2.

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Q: What is the only given prime number?
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What is the only prime number that is a factor of the number 16?

prime factor = prime number which can be divided into the given number with no remainder ie 2

What is a prime symbol in math?

A prime symbol or number is given to a number that has only 2 factors which are itself and one

What numbers is a prime number 106 121 168 211?

211 is the only of the given numbers that is prime.

What name is given to a positive whole number that can only be divided by 1 or itself?

prime number

What name is given to a positive whole number that can only be devided by 1 or itself?

A prime number. Note: The number 1 itself is normally not considered a prime number.

Is the number 551218171009141211314 a prime number?

No.551218171009141211314 is not a prime number.It is divisible by 2 (and 275609085504570605657, of course, but which is also not a prime number!)But ...551218171009141211267 is the prime number nearest belowthe number in the question, and551218171009141211417 is the next higher prime number.So the nearest prime number to 551218171009141211314 is 551218171009141211267, being only 47 less than the given number, whereas 551218171009141211417 is 103 more than the given number.

To find weather the given no is prime or not?

Prime numbers have two and only two factors. If the number has more than two factors, it is not prime.

How dod you find the number with the given prime factorization?

You multiplied the given prime factorization to find the number.

Why is 836475 not a prime number?

A number which is divisible by itself and 1 is called prime number. A prime number has only two factors.But, 836475 is also divisible by5, i.e. 836475 has more than two factors.Therefore, the given number is not prime.In order to show that given number is not prime there is no need to find all the factors, we should show that given number has more than two factors.

Does a prime number always go an equal number of times?

No. A given number need not even be divisible by a given prime.

What is a prime number that can be divided exactly into the given number?

That's a prime factor.

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