What is the opposite of a octagon?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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an octagon...

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Q: What is the opposite of a octagon?
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Are the adjacent sides of a regular octagon parallel and congruent?

No. It is the opposite sides of a regular octagon that are parallel and congruent.

How many straight diagonals does an octagon have?

An octagon has four (4) diagonals, each connecting two opposite vertices.

Lines of symmetry octagon?

There are 8 lines of symmetry. Those that bisect opposite sides and opposite vertexes.

What is the difference between a octagon and a regular octagon?

A regular octagon's angles and sides are all the same. As in the angles are the same, and the lengths of each side are the same. And irregular is basically the opposite of that.

How many sides does a octagon half?

Half an octagon has five sides is it is divided in two by a line joining opposite vertices. It has six sides in the dividing line joins the midpoints of opposite sides.

Are the opposite sides of a regular octagon congruent and parallel?

Yes:As the shape is regular all sides are equal in length (and congruent).An octagon has 8 sides. As this is an even number of sides, the opposite sides are parallel.

How many lines of symmetry are there on a regular octagon?

8. 4 between the opposite vertices 4 between the mid points of opposite sides.

What would each side be if there was an 8 by 8 octagon?

If the "8 by 8 octagon" refers to the distances between its opposite sides rather than opposite vertices (its principal diagonals), then the side lengths are 8*[sqrt(2) - 1] units of length.

Is a octagon a quadrilateral and a parallelogram?

An octagon is neither a quadrilateral nor a parallelogram. "Quadrilateral" refers to a shape that has four sides. "Parallelogram" refers to a shape that has two pairs of opposite, congruent sides. An octagon has eight sides, and since eight is not equal to four, an octagon is neither a quadrilateral nor a parallelogram.

You have two parallel opposite sides but you are not a parallelogramwhat are you?

I am a square or a rectangle or maybe even a hexagon, octagon, or decagon...

What shape has opposite sides parallel?

Any even-sided, regular shape will have opposite sides parallel. A square, hexagon, octagon and decagon are just four examples !

Does an octagon have a center point?

Yes, an Octagon does have a center point. The easiest way for me to find this is by drawing lines between opposite vertexes. You should end up with four lines and they should be crossing at one point. That is your center point! :V