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It is all integers which are not 3 units away from -7.

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Q: What is the opposite of the integers 3 units away from -7?
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What are the opposite integers 3 units away from -7?


What are the opposites of the integers 3 units away from 8?

They are -11 and -5.

What are the opposites of the integers 3 units away from -8?


What are whole numbers and their opposites called?

Whole numbers are called integers. There are positive integers, for example, 3, and its opposite, a negative integer, -3.

What two integers on a number line are exactly 3 units from -2?


If a cube has side length 12 what is the distance from corner to opposite corner?

12√3 units ≈ 20.78 units.

Two consecutive integers where the square of the larger is 7 units greater than the square of the smaller?

3 and 4

What is 3 units away from x-axis and 3 units away from the y-axis?


What has the lowest value negative twenty-six negative twelve or three?

Negative twenty-six, because it's the farthest from 0, the origin. It is 26 away from the origin, whereas -12 is 12 units away and 3 is 3 units away.

Is negative two big or three?

Negative two is bigger than negative three because -2 is just 2 units away from zero while -3 is 3 units away from zero.

If product of 3 integers is -24 The sum of the integers is -12 What are the 3 integers?

-1, -3 and -8

How do you solve 13 rounded to the nearest 10?

13 is closer to 10 (3 away) than it is to 20 (7 away).

Explain how the subtraction of integers is related to the addition of integers?

Subtraction of integers is essentially addition of integers except the second integer is inverted. For example: 5 + 3 = 8 is a simple addition of integers. 5 - 3 = 5 is a simple subtraction of integers. It can be expressed by inverting the second value (the one right after the subration sign) and then switching the subtraction sign to an addition sign. So it would look like: 5 + (-3) = 5. Note that (-3) is the opposite of 3. So to do a more confusing subtraction problem like: 55 - (-5), we could rewrite this as: 55 + -(-5). From here it's easy to see that the two negatives cancel out. 55 + 5 = 60.

What is meant by opposites in algebra?

In algebra, opposites are two numbers on opposite sides of zero. so 3 and -3 are opposite numbers because they are both 3 spaces away from 0.

What are 3 subsets of integers?

Integers that are divisible by 3, integers that leave a remainder of 1 when divided by 3 and integers that leave a remainder of 2 when divided by 3.

What numbers are 3 units away from -1 on a number line?


The sum of three consecutive odd integers is -3 what are the integers?

Divide the sum of the three consecutive odd integers by 3: -3 /3 = -1. The smallest of these integers will be two less than -1 and the largest will be two more than -1, so the three consecutive odd integers will be -3, -1, and +1.

The sum of 3 consecutive even integers is -198 what are the integers?


Is 0.13 the closest to 0 or 0.032?

.13 is .13 units away from 0. To find how close it is to .032 we subtract..13-.032 is .098 so since this is less than .13 we can say that .13 is closer to .032 than it is to 0.It is hard to see this with these numbers. Let's use 3. Is it closer to 0 or 5. 3 is 3 units away from 0 and 5-3=2 so it is 2 units away from 5. In this case it is closer to 5.

How many integers are between 3 and 98?

Not including 3 or 98, there are 94 integers.

What is rule subtracting integers?

Example 1:+5 - +2Step 1:The opposite of +2 is -2.Step 2:Subtraction becomes addition.Solution:+5 - +2 = +5 + -2 = +3

How many integers between -3 and 8?

there are 10 integers

If The sum of two integers is 3 and the difference of the same two integers is eleven what are these integers?

7 and -4

The sum of 3 consecutive integers is 72 find the 3 integers?

The numbers are 23, 24 and 25.

What integers are less than negative 3?

The integers less than -3 range from -4 to -infinity.