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i can not tell you need to space it out and to find outlier try using a box and whisker plot. and if it is just one number there is no outlier

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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is the outlier of this data 615182021222425282930?
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What is the outlier in this set of data 10064635862?

there is no outlier because there isn't a data set to go along with it. so theres no outlier

What is the outlier in this data base 91232811?

A single observation cannot have an outlier.

How do you get an outlier?

the most common cause of an outlier is an error in the recording of data.

Given the following data 164 175 126 135 159 143 55 what effect will the outlier have on the median of the data if the outlier is excluded?

If the outlier is excluded the median of the data will be higher.

What do you take if there is an outlier in data?

If a data set has an outlier, you would normally deal with it by omitting it from the average of the other values.

If you take off the outlier does it make the mean change?

Yes, it will. An outlier is a data point that lies outside the normal range of data. This means that if it is factored in the mean will move in the direction the outlier is, really high if the outlier was high, and really low if the outlier was low.

Can you have more than one outlier in a set of data?

Yes, any data point outside thestandard deviation its an outlier

What does anomalous data show on a graph?

An Outlier; an Outlier is when a point is not part of a trend (pattern)

Can there be more than one outlier in a set of data?

Yes there can be more then one outlier

What is data instance that is not typical for a given set of data?

An outlier.

What is A piece of data that is quite separated from the rest of the data?


How does the outlier affect the mean of the data?

An outlier does affect the mean of the data. How it's affected depends on how many data points there are, how far from the data the outlier is, whether it is greater than the mean (increases mean) or less than the mean (decreases the mean).

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