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the other team gets the ball

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Q: What is the penalty for stepping on or over any side or end line with the basketball?
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How close can the defender be to the line when inbounding basketball?

Cant cross it. includes stepping over it or reaching over it

Are you in violation of stepping over the inbound line while throwing the basketball when you are on the line or over the line in high school rules?

Technically it's over the line but it's rarely called.

When free throws are taken for a technical foul do both teams have to be standing on the other side of the half way line- if so what is the penalty for stepping over the line?

Each player must stay on half court, however I'm not too sure if there's a penalty for stepping over the line. The ref. may call for a redo not too sure.

What is meant by 'crossing the line'?

over stepping the boundry

What kinds of fault are there in badminton?

stepping over the line. incorrect serve.

Can you exit the key by stepping over the end line?

Yes but then you would be off the court dummy

What are the penalties in track and field?

They don't have a lot of penalties in track. I only do track events and the most common penalty is false starting. It is when you start running before you hear the gun go off. Another penalty is pushing. that is obviously pushing people in your race. One penalty on the Field is stepping over the line. When you are in long jump and you jump after the line you get a scratch. I think that is the same in all Field events. Kyra

In the game of basketball what is the penalty when a defensive player flops to the ground over and over again?

In the NBA they are now fined for flopping if it is determined from the video which the league watches after the fact. But no in game penalty.

What is the penalty if a player commits a foul when his team is in possession of the basketball?

the ball is turned over to the other team

What is the sideline in basketball?

The sideline on a basketball court is the line that marks where you meant to go. If you cross over it you go 'out of bounds'.

What are the 11 infringements in netball?

They are: - Stepping -Obsturcting -contact -Held ball Stepping in the circle - Not fully within the circle - Time - bReaking - Not behind the line - Short pass - Over a third - Out of court - Hopping

When is it out in basketball?

In the game of basketball it is out when either the ball is bounced on the line or anywhere in the out of bounds area or when u have the ball and any part of you body (or ball) touches the line or goes over the line. Hope this helps!!

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