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Q: What is the percentage for the elements of solid earth?
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What elements are found in solid earth?


Which elements make up the solid earth?

Silicon and calcium

What percentage of the earth's core is liquid and what percentage is solid?

Earths made 40% of the liquid

What solid iron is the earth made up of?

The earth's core is made up of the elements iron and nickel.

Percentage of elements present in earth's crust?

Please see this link.

What elements makes up a large portion of the Earth's solid crust?


What are solid earth elements?

oxygen (o) 15.999 and silicon (sl) 28,088

What elements make up a large portion of the Earth's solid crust?


What elements are found in the layers of the earth?

The element which is found in the four layers of earth is hydrogen. There is a percentage of hydrogen in every layer of the earth.

What are some reservoirs that chemical elements can move through as part of the Earth's biogeochemical cycle?

the solid Earth,Earth's oceans,Earth's atmosphere, andorganisms on Earth

What are the two most abundant elements in the solid earth?

The two elements that commonly occur within the earth crust are Oxygen and Silicon.

What is 99 percent of solid earth made up of?

About 99% of the solid Earth is made up of a small fraction of all the known elements.The solid Earth's most abundant elements include oxygen, silicon, iron, aluminum, and calcium.