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Q: What is the perimeter in meters if the perimeter is one hundred and twenty decimeters?
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what is larger thirty two decimeters or three hundred twenty centimeters?

Thirty two decimeters is the same length as three hundred and twenty centimeters. They are both equal to 3.2 meters.

How many dm equal 20 m?

20 meters equals 200 decimeters

What is the perimeter of a swimming pool whose length is twenty meters and width is thirteen meters?


How many decimeters in twenty six inches?

26 inches = 6.6 decimeters

How many feet equal three hundred twenty-nine meters?

329 meters = 1,079.4 feet.

How do you write 214.3125 square meters in words?

two hundred-fourteen and three thousand one hundred twenty-five thousandths square meters.

How many meters of fencing do you need to enclose a garden if the yard is twenty six meters long and half as wide?

78 meters fencing goes around the yard so you are looking for the perimeter Perimeter=2length+2width Perimeter=2*26+2*13=52+26=78meters

How many square meters is one hundred and twenty square feet?

11.1484 square meters in 120 square feet.

How many acres is three thousand six hundred and twenty nine square meters?

0.89674 acres.

If a car travels four hundred miles in twenty seconds how fast is it going?

20 meters per second

What is the volume of a cone if the radius is twenty meters and has a height of twenty five meters?

A cone, if the radius is twenty meters and has a height of twenty five meters, has a volume of 10471.98m3

What is twenty two thousand eight hundred and forty one feet in meters?

3.28084 feet = 1 meter (rounded) 22,841 feet = 6,961.94 meters (rounded)