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The perimeter of a square is four times the length of its side.

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Q: What is the perimeter of the larger square?
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Related questions

The larger the perimeter of a square the larger the area of that square?

The area of a square is a function of the perimeter of the square.

What is larger area or perimeter?

It depends. With a square with a side of 2, the perimeter is 8 while the area is 4. With a square with a side of 10, the perimeter is 40 while the area is 100. Usually, though, you'll find that the area is larger than the perimeter.

Is perimeter larger than the area of square?

Perimeter is length or distance (inches, feet, meters). Area is square units (length2 : square inches, square feet, square meters), so to say that one is larger than another is not relevant. If it's a 1 by 1, then the perimeter is 4 and the area is 1. But if the square is 5 by 5, then it has a perimeter of 20 and an area of 25. It depends, good luck.

Suppose you consider a Retangular floor space of 36 square meters with whole number side lengths. which design has the least perimeter?

The closer you get to a perfect square, the smaller the perimeter. A 6x6 square will have a 24 perimeter. A 36x1 will have the largest perimeter. The area is the same, but the length has 'stretched' to cover a larger perimeter.

Is it sometimes always or never true that the perimeter of a rectangle is numerically greater than its area?

Sometimes. Experiment with a small square and with a large square (though any shape rectangle will do). A square of 4 x 4 has a perimeter of 16, and an area of 16. A smaller square has more perimeter than area. A larger square has more area than perimeter.

Is area on a triangle larger than perimeter?

Perimeter is length (units feet, centimeters, etc.) Area is length2 (square feet, square centimeters etc.). But if you want to disregard the units, you can find triangles which perimeter is larger, smaller or even 'equal' to area, depending on scale.Take a 3,4,5 right triangle. The perimeter = 3+4+5= 12 units. Area = 3*4/2 = 6 square units. Now double the sides.Perimeter = 6 + 8+ 10 = 24 units. Area = 6*8/2 = 24 square units (the numbers are equal). Scaling it larger, then the valueof the area (in square units) will be larger than the perimeter value (in straight units).

Is the perimiter of 11 by 12 rectangle smaller or larger than the perimiter of a sqare with the same area?

11 x 12 rectangle has a larger perimeter = 46 units The 132 square unit area will give a square a perimeter of 45.9565 units

What happens to the size of the perimeter when the dimensions of a square are tripled?

it becomes three times larger

How is 4 the maximum number of nonoverlapping squares with sides of length 3 that will fit inside of a square with sides of length 6?

Each of the four squares, combined, must have a perimeterwhich adds up to that of the larger square. Since the larger square has a perimeter of 24, so must these squares. However, since we are placing them next to each other, the 2 sides of each square facing other sides do not count. Each individual square has a perimeter of 12, so that makes 48. Subtracting the lengths of the sides placed adjacent to each other (8 sides x a length of 3 = 24), we get a perimeter of 24, the perimeter of the larger square. Because the perimeters are equal, there is no room left for another square without overlapping.

Which has the larger perimeter a 16-foot by 26-foot rectangle or a 20 foot square?

Perimeter of [ 16 x 26 ] rectangle = 16 + 16 + 26 + 26 = 84-ft . Perimeter of a 20-ft square = 4 x 20 = 80-ft . The rectangle has the greater perimeter.

The perimeter of the triangle is 48centimeters what is the perimeter of the square?

The perimeter of the square is 96.

How is area perimeter and volume related?

In general the larger the perimeter (of a flat shape) the greater the area. Given two congruent shapes the one with the larger perimeter has a greater area.But two shapes that are not congruent (or almost so) do not follow this rule: for example a rectangle fifteen units long and one unit wide has an area of 15 square units and a perimeter of 32 units. While a square with edges four units has an area of sixteen square units (one more than the other rectangle) but a perimeter of only sixteen units (half that of the long thin rectangle).So too with surface area and volume. Of two congruent 3 dimensional shapes, the one with the larger volume will also have a larger surface area.

Is a square a perimeter?

a square has a perimeter but a square isnt a perimeter. so no a square isnt a perimeter

A square has an area of 400 what is the perimeter?

A square with an area of 400 square units has a perimeter of 80 units.

If the perimeter of a square is 24 square units what is the area?

36 square units. You can't express a perimeter in square units; a perimeter is a length expressed in ordinary units. If the perimeter of this square is 24 units then the answer above is correct.

Formula for perimeter of a square?

The formula for the perimeter of a square is P equals 4 times a. 'P' represents the perimeter, and 'a' represents a side of the square.

What is the perimeter of a square with sides of 3.5cm?

The perimeter of a square with sides of 3.5cm is:3.5cm x 4 = 14 cm perimeter

The perimeter of a square depends on the length of its sides A square with a side length of 4 meters has a perimeter of 16 meters A square with a side length of 6 meters has a perimeter of 24 meters?

The perimeter of a square is 400 meters. write an equation for the perimeter and solve for the length of one side

What is the perimeter of a 1348.95 square meters?

It depends on the shape. The shape with the smallest perimeter is a circle whose radius is 20.72 metres, giving it a circumference of 130.20 metres. The perimeter can be increased, without increasing the area by flattening out the circle. The smallest square would be one with sides of 36.73 metres (to 2 dp), and hence a perimetre of 146.91 metres. But the perimeter can take any larger value.

What is the perimeter of a square if it has a area of 36 centimetre square?

24cm is the perimeter.

What is the perimeter of a square with the area 121metre square?

The perimeter is 44 metres.

What is the perimeter of 16184 square metres?

If the area is a square the perimeter is 508.87m.

What is the perimeter of a square?

The perimeter of a square is the sum of the four equal sides.

How to divide a perimeter of square into 4 parts?

Each side of the square is a quarter of the square's perimeter.

Is perimeter calculated in square feet?

Perimeter is in feet and not in square feet