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There are 3 basic formulae dealing with speed(S), time(T) and distance(D):

(note that ^ will mean "to the power of")

s = ut + (at^2)/2

v^2 = u^2 + 2as

v = u + at

The first of the three equations will give you "distance"

A useful fact is that the first 4 letters of the word DISTance can be thought of as D Distance; I Is; S Speed; T Time

Distance Is Speed x Time

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Q: What is the physics formula for distance?
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What is one half accleration times time squared?

This is the physics formula for displacement, more commonly called distance. But, it assumes you start at zero speed. The time units cancel out in the formula, so the answer comes out in terms of distance.

What is the importance of formula to physics?

physics is the conbination of formulas.

What is formula for speed?

The physics formula for speed is s = d x t whered is the distance traveled in a period of timet is the amount of time it took to travel the distances is the speed traveled

What is work in physics?

in physics work work=force *distance the distance covered by body by any force is called work.

How do I answer this physics question using the quadratic formula?

That depends on the specific physics question.

How is distance labeled in physics?

in metre

How do you find distance in physics?

You measure it.

What is the fractional error formula?

What is the formula for percent fractional error? (Physics)

Formula to calculate work in physics?

W=Fd Where F is the force on the object and d is that distance that the object traveled. If F is in Newtons and d is in meters, then works will be in joules.

What the relation between the time and the speed required to cover a fixed distance?

Speed is equal to distance divided by time. In physics there is a formula that shows the relation between time, distance and the speed. That v=d/t . Here v is velocity/speed d is the distance and t is the time

What is force x distance?

In physics, work = force x distance.

Who invented the distance formula?

Pythagoras invented the distance formula