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The first significant digit is the 5, which is in the ten-thousandth's position.

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Q: What is the position of the first significant digit of 0.00058?
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What is the first significant digit in 0.00058?

The 5.

What is significant figure in chemistry?

Any digit in a number which is to the right of the first digit which isn't a zero, including the first digit

How do you find the position of the first digit of a quotient?

first you look at the first number tell what that number is then you just find the first digit.

Where do significant figures begin?

The first non-zero digit from the left.

What is the significant of 12 167and 10?

They all have 1 as the first digit.

How many significant figures are there in 0.03000?

4. All numbers before the first digit don't count. All numbers after the first digit for decimals do count.all digits shown in scientific notation are significant.

What is bigger 0.1666666667 or 0.06666666667?

Look for the first digit that is different. In this case, the first digit after the decimal point. The number that has the larger digit in this position, is larger. If the first digit is the same, compare the second digit with the second digit, the third digit with the third digit, and so forth, until you find a difference.

How do you turn 5280 into a number with only one significant digit?

You keep the first digit, replace the remaining digits with zero, and check whether you need to round the first digit up or not.

How many significant figures are there in the following number 1.10030?

Five. Count from the first nonzero digit to the last nonzero digit.

Name the place-value position of the first digit of the quotient 17 divided by 1527?


How many six digit numbers are there without repeating digits?

You have 9 options for the first position (all except zero); 9 options for the second position (any digit except the digit used for the first position; 8 options for the third position; 7 options for the fourth position; 6 options for the fifth position; and 5 options for the sixth position. Multiply everything together.

Is considered a significant digit when it is to the left or the right of the decimal point and it follows a nonzero digit or where. It is between two digit?

All digits between the first non-zero digit and the last non-zero digits are significant. Some would argue that trailing 0s are significant since they are an indication of the precision of the number.

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