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245 = 51 x 72

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Q: What is the prime factorization of 245 put into exponet?
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What is prime factorization in fractions?

You use a factor tree, for the 2 denominators. Yes that is correct the answer on the top but it says 2 denominators. This is the real correct way To do Prime Factorization in fractions first prime factorization the numerator and then the denominator. then put the prime factorization of the numerator on top and put the prime factorization of the denominator on the bottom like fractions.

What is the prime factorization of the number 55?

The prime factorization of 55 is 11*5 because the only product you can put into 55 is 11 and 5, and there is nothing you can put into that.

What form do you put a number in after you find its prime factorization?

ascending order

How can you put 70 in a prime factorization?

2*5*7 = 70

Prime factorization of 51?

the prime factorization of 51 is 3x17 because 3x17= 51 and 17 and 3 are both prime so it's 3x17 since u have to put them in order from least to greatest

What is the prime factorization ordered from least to greatest?

That just means to put the numbers in numerical order. The prime factorization of 210 from least to greatest is 2 x 3 x 5 x 7

How do you find the prime factorization of 18 and 21?

Draw the prime factorization table and put both the numbers on it. Find common prime factors and divide both of them writing the products down. Do this until the quotients are either 1 or any prime number. Write down all the factors used and it will be the prime factorization. Multiply them and you will find the LCM of the numbers. Here, 18,21 6,7...................(/3) Prime factorization=6*7*3 LCM=42*3=126

How do you put a prime factorization of 81 using exponents?

34 (3*3*3*3)

What does prime factorization using exponents mean?

It means using powers. So instead of 2x2x13 you would put 2squared (the little 2 next to it) and 13. 2squared and 13 is prime factorization WITH exponents. Without exponents you would just put 2x2x13

How do you factor monomials?

All you do is write the prime factorization. I'll do an example: 50y First, you find the prime factorization of the coefficent using a factor tree, but it won't let me do that, so this is what the prime factorization should look like: 2x5x5 Then you add the variable: 2x5x5xy When you have a negative coefficent, just put a negative one in front of your answer. -50y = -1x2x5x5xy

What is the prime factorization of 5x5x5 using exponents?

5^3 sorry i cant put the 3 up there but it is five cubed

How do you write a number in exponent form?

Well suppose you were asked to pu 6*6*6*6 in an exponet form. You take the number taht wants to be put into exponet form (in this case 6) and the exponet would be how manytimes this munber is multiplied (in this case 4) (the answer would be 6^4)

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