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It is the commutative property of multiplication of numbers.

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Q: What is the property illustrated by yz equals zy?
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What property is xz plus zy equals xy?

It cannot be a property since it is not generally true!

If xz plus zy equals xy and xz equals zy then the point z is?

mid point of xy

Webassign says I have the wrong syntax and I don't know how else to answer the problem Find the distance from 5 9 -9 to each of the following xy yz zy x y z plane?

Distance from xy plane = abs(z-coord) = 9 Distance from yz plane = abs(x-coord) = 5 Distance from zy plane = abs(x-coord) = 5 Note that the yz plane and the zy plane are the same. Also, x, y and z planes do not exist so there cannot be a distance from them.

If XZ plus ZY equals XY then point Z must be?

between X and Y

4x-zy for x?

The answer is x = zy/4

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Does the order of the numbers matter when dividing three different numbers?

It matters which number comes first, as that is the numerator, but all the other numbers (the denominators) can be in any order. x/y/z = x/yz = x/zy = x/z/y

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Z is halfway between X and Y.

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