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To convert kilometres per hour to metres per second takes three steps

1... convert the kilomters to metres - 846 kilometres = 846,000 metres

2... convert the hour to seconds - 1 hour = 60 minutes by 60 seconds = 3,600

3... divide the metres by 3,600 - 846,000 ÷ 3,600 = 235

The jetliner is going 235 metres per second.

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Q: What is the rate in meters per second of a jetliner that is traveling at a rate of 846kmh?
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To pass a truck a car initially traveling 25 meters per second accelerates at a constant rate of 3 meters per second squared after 6 seconds how fast is the car traveling?

That's easy, if the car is initially traveling at 25 meters per second and gradually accelerates 3 meters per second for 6 seconds then the car is traveling at 43 meters per second.

What is the speed in meters per second of a ship traveling at twenty knots?

10.2888888 is the speed in meters per second of a ship traveling at 20 knots.

If you traveling forty centimeters per second how many meters are you going per minute?

At 40 centimeters per second, you are traveling 24 meters per minute.

What is the speed in meters per second of a boat traveling at a speed of 12.3 knots?

6.32766667 meters per second ==

If a car is traveling 100 meters in 1400 seconds how fast is it traveling?

If an object is travelling 100 meters in 1400 seconds, then it is travelling (100 / 1400) or about 0.0714 meters per second.

A plane is traveling 20 meters in 1 second What is it speed?


What is the speed of a plane traveling 395000 meters in 9000 seconds?

395000 meters/9000 seconds is 43.889 meters/second

A car is traveling 70 meters per second how many miles per hour is that?

70 meters per second = 156.6 mph

Convert 55mph into meters per second?

Multiply mph by 0.45 to get meters per second. So, 55 x 0.45 = about 24.6 meters per second.

What is a Millionth of a Second?

A millionth of a second is one microsecond. It is the length of time a beam of light, traveling about 3 x 108 meters per second, will take to go about 300 meters.

How do you calculate meters per second?

Speed=Distance/ Time For example: You go 40 meters in 10 seconds. 40/10= 4. So you would be traveling at 4 meters per second.

Which is faster - a car traveling at 60 mph or a cheetah running at 25 meters per second?

The car going 60 mph is traveling faster. The cheetah, running at 25 meters per second is moving at 55.9 miles per hour.