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Q: What is the ratio of the length of a side to the perimiter of a regular pentagon?
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What is the ratio of the length of an equilateral pentagon to its perimeter?

A regular pentagon has all sides the same length. A pentagon has 5 sides. Its perimeter is the sum of its side_lengths which is 5 x side_length → ratio side_length : perimeter = 1 x side_length : 5 x side_length = 1 : 5

How do you find the ratio of the perimeters and areas?

There is no simple answer. For an equilateral triangle it is 6.9282/s where s is the length of each side. For a square it is 4/s A regular pentagon: 2.9062/s A regular hexagon: 2.3094/s and so on. The ratio for a circle is 2/r where r is the radius. For irregular polygons there is no rule.

2 regular pentagons have radii of 5cm and 7cm What is the ratio of their areas?

Given the radius R (distance from the center to a vertex), the area of a regular pentagon is given by:R25sin(2pi/5)----------------2So, since the rest of the formula is a constant, to determine the ratio, you just need the ratio of:52 : 72= 25 : 49, or 1 : 1.96, or (backwards) 0.51 : 1

What is the largest angle of a pentagon whose ratio is?

The largest angle is

Are 2 rectangles similar?

Only if they both have the same ratio of length to width. Since every square has the same ratio of length to width ( it's 1 ), all squares are similar. Gee, when you think about it, every regular polygon is similar to every other regular polygon with the same number of sides. I never realized that.

What is the ratio of the length of the opposite leg to the length of the adjacent?

It is the tangent ratio.

Is the any correlation between arm length and leg length?

there is a correlation in the ratio between the arm length and the leg length. the ratio is 1.556 inches.

What is the relationship between edge length ratios area ratios and volume ratios of similar figures with various scale factors?

Area ratio = (edge-length ratio)2 Volume ratio = (edge-length ratio)3 Volume ratio = (area ratio)3/2

What is the ratio of the number of sides of a quadrilateral to the number of sides of a pentagon?

4/5 0.8

What is the ratio of the width of our national flag to its length?

The length and breadth of our National Flag is in the ratio of 3 : 2.

Ratio of a length on a drawing to its actual length?

a scale

How do you 'find the ratio of its length to its perimeter?

Here's how to do that: 1). Find its length. 2). Find its perimeter. 3). Divide (its length) by (its perimeter). The quotient is the ratio of its length to its perimeter.