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The sale price is 91.52

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Q: What is the reduced price of 114.40 if the sale off is 20 percent?
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If a television is on sale for 575 and is reduced by 5 percent what is the original price?

The original price was $605.26

A store has a clearance sale where every item is reduced by 40 percent What was the original price of a jacket if the sale price is 180?

It was 300

In a sale the price of a digital camera is reduced by 18 percent the new price of the camera is 282 what was the price of the cameras price before the sale?

the price before the sale was 343.9 or 344 as you wish...

A store is having a 20 percent off sale if the reduced price of an item is 63.60 what was its original price?

The original price was $79.50

What is the definition of sale price?

the price at which something is offered for sale. the reduced price of something on sale.

If the original price of an item is 8.40 is reduced by 30 percent then what is the sale price?

30% of 8.40 = 0.30 x 8.40 = 2.52 sale price = 8.40 - 2.52 = 5.88

Wholesale price is 80 and percent of markup is 95 percent percent percent what is the sale price?

The sale price is $156.00

In a sale all prices are reduced by 20 percent The original price of a coat is 50 Calculate its price in the sale?

0.2*50=10 50+10=60 :)

If The price of a sweater was reduced by 50 percent to sell the sweater at the original price by what percentage must the new price be?

Increase the price of the sweater by 100% of it's sale price.

Price of a dress is is on sale at 22 percent. what is the sale price?

The sale price is 109.20

What was his original markup if the price at a sale was reduced by 20 percent but the bookseller still had a mark up of 20 percent?

The original mark up was 50%.

What is the sale price if the price is 35 and it is 20 percent off?

Sale price is 28.

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