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Q: What is the refractive index of a medium when the light strikes the medium after traveling through air at an angle of 23.3 degrees and the refracted angle is 14.6 degrees?
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What happens to light when it strikes glass?

it just gets refracted

What two things happen to light when it strikes to an object?

refracted or reflected

When sunlight strikes an object and the light is sent in all directions the light is said to be?


What happens to light when its strikes an object?

The light waves can be reflected, absorbed, they can pass the object or be refracted.,

What happens when white light strikes an object?

Depending on the object, it may be reflected, absorbed, refracted or internally reflected.

How does light behave when it strikes a transparent object?

It can be absorbed, refracted or reflected

How does light behave when it interacts with mater?

When light strikes matter, it may be transmitted or absorbed. In addition,it may be reflected, refracted, scattered, and/or diffracted,

What happens to light when it strikes the boundary of the two media an angle equal to the critical angle?

It gets refracted so that its direction of propagation is the boundary line.

What is the name of a solid object traveling through space that strikes Earths atmosphere?


What should be the angle of incidence with respect to the normal of a glass medium so that it does not undergoes refraction?

Radiation that strikes the interface parallel to the normal, i.e. perpendicular to the boundary, is not refracted.

When light strikes an objects and it bounces b ack is it being refracted?

If the light truly "bounces back", then it is being reflected. Refraction is the bending of electromagnetic waves like light or radio.

When a car is traveling at 100 km hr and strikes an unfortunate bug and splatters it what is the force of impact?

The same for both.