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It gets refracted so that its direction of propagation is the boundary line.

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Q: What happens to light when it strikes the boundary of the two media an angle equal to the critical angle?
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What the critical angle and is and what happens to light and the ceitical angle?

It spells "critical" correctly

When a ray emerging from glass strikes boundary at an angle greaater than the crictial angle it willBe?

totally internally diffracted.

How is the critical angle related to the refractive index of a medium?

The refractive number of a substance is a measure of how much the speed of a wave changes compared to the speed in a reference medium i.e. air or a vacuum. The critical angle is the angle of incidence above which total internal reflection occurs. When the angle of incidence of the light ray leaving the glass is less than the critical angle, the light ray speeds up on leaving the glass and is refracted away from the normal.

What must be the critical angle if total internal reflection occured in diamond?

The critical angle is given by the formula: Thetac = sin-1(n2/n1) Assuming a diamond-air boundary, this gives the critical angle as: Thetac = sin-1(1.00/2.42) = 24.4 degrees.

Uses of total internal reflection?

Total Internal Reflection is an optical phenomenon which occurs when a ray of light strikes a medium boundary at an angle larger than a particular critical angle with respect to the normal to the surface. If the refractive index is lower on the other side of the boundary, no light can pass through and all of the light is reflected. The critical angle is the angle of incidence above which the total internal reflection occurs. Hope I helped!

What happens when a light ray strikes a flat mirror?

It will bounce at the same angle that it came. \ / \__/

What happens it light when it strikes in plane mirror?

It is reflected at the same angle it hit the mirror at

What name is given to the angle where total internal reflection occurs?

Total internal reflection occurs when the angle of incidence with respect to the normal at the boundary to a less dense medium exceeds the critical angle.

What best describes why the critical angle of an air-glass boundary is 39.3?

The critical angle depends on the index of refraction of the two substances, in this case, air and glass. The angle can be calculated by Snell's Law. It won't always be exactly 39.3°, since different glasses have different indices of refraction.

What happens to the path of light as it strikes a mirror and then a hand lens?

It is reflected at an opposite angle, and focused by the lens.

What is the critical angle of perspex and water?

The Critical angle of perspex is 42o.It is the same as the critical angle of glass.

What should be the angle of incidence with respect to the normal of a glass medium so that it does not undergoes refraction?

Radiation that strikes the interface parallel to the normal, i.e. perpendicular to the boundary, is not refracted.