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A radian is simply a measurement unit. The relation between a radian and real numbers is similar to the relation between a degree and real numbers or a metre and real numbers.

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Q: What is the relation between radian and real numbers?
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Who showed relation between real numbers and points on line?

Richard Dedekind and Georg Cantor.

What is the relation of complex numbers to real numbers?

Complex numbers are a proper superset of real numbers. That is to say, real numbers are a proper subset of complex numbers.

What is the relation between integers natural numbers whole numbers rational and irrational numbers?

Natural numbers = Whole numbers are a subset of integers (not intrgers!) which are a subset of rational numbers. Rational numbers and irrational number, together, comprise real numbers.

What is a 'real number' in relation to Math?

Real numbers include positive and negative numbers, integers and fractional numbers, and even irrational numbers - numbers that are between rational numbers, but that are not rational numbers themselves. (A rational number is one that can be written as a fraction, with integers in the numerator and the denominator.) Real numbers can be represented as points on a straight line.

Is the empty set transitive?

Transitivity can be applied to relations between objects or sets - not to the sets themselves. For example, the relation "less-than" for real numbers, or the relation "is a subset of" for subsets, are both transitive. So is equality.

Relation between expected return in real life and probability?


What is a real number between 3 and 2?

Real numbers are infinitely dense. That means that between any two real numbers, there are infinitely may real numbers. One example: 2.00135

What is the relation between set and real number?

A set can contain anything, or in some cases, nothing. Real numbers are an important and useful mathematical concept, and they are among the things that could be placed in various sets for various purposes.

Is the range of the relation gx x2-5 is the set of all positive real numbers?


What is the Difference between an integer and a real number?

Integer numbers are a subset of real numbers. Real numbers may contain fractions.

Is there a rational number between two real numbers?

Yes. There are infinitely many rational numbers between any two real numbers.

Is there a real zero between -1 and -2?