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It doesn't have a root, it's a standard word without suffixes and prefixes.

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Q: What is the root of provoke?
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What is the root word for provoked?


What is the root word of provocation?


What is the root word of provoke?

It doesn't have a root, it's a standard word without suffixes and prefixes.

What are the root words for vok?

here are some :) evoke provoke

What is a sentence with the word provoke in it?

Do not provoke me.The aim of the author was to provoke his reader's thoughts.I will provoke him to attack first.Are you sure it is wise to provoke a nation with nuclear weapons, Mister President?

How do you use the word provoke in a sentence?

do not provoke your parents

How would you use provoke?

In a sentence? how about this: do not provoke the snake, darla.

What is a sentence with provoke in it?

When Billy gets drunk he loves to provoke a fight.

What is a sentence with the word provoke in it about snakes?

I watched the mongoose provoke the snake.

What is a sentence using the word provoke?

A coach can provoke you into working harder.

How do you use provoke in a sentence?

It would provoke my mother when my room was messy after she told me to clean it. The police did not want to provoke the robber into harming his hostages.

Provoke in a sentence?

Be careful to not provoke the giant dog in the yard, he might attack you.

What is the verb for provoke?

Provoke is a verb. It means to induce, cause or otherwise give rise to.

Are there connections between provoke and to call?

Provoke in Latin is either Provocare or Vocare. When I looked at, provoke gave me a connection to Voice. Voice is vocare in Latin. I thought, do Provoke and Voice have anything in common? I found out that Vocare mean "to call" Do they have anything in common? What does provoke have to do with to call?a friend of mine said: maybe you can get provoked by having someone call you? I don't know!

Is the word provoke a verb?

yes! IT IS AN ACTION Juan provoke girls to kiss him

How would you use provoke in a sentence?

Example sentence - He knew he could provoke her as soon as they were introduced.

How do you make a complex sentence with the word provoke?

He was provoked by the fact that he failed in exam. It is example of sentence using provoke.

How do you provoke a demon?

if you want to provoke a demon make yourself loud and angry, tell it that it needs to show itself or it is afraid of you.

What provoke mean?

It means to make something happen by angering someone else, such as--> He may punch you if you provoke him with name calling.

What are the 8 things the us did to provoke japan's attack on pearl harbor?

We didn't provoke attacks, they sneak attacked the US for future world domination.

Do moose bite?

If you provoke them, they do.

What does incur mean?


What does provocate mean?

To provoke

What the antoynm of appease?


What does provation mean?

to provoke