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The value of the answer is the sum of the absolute values of the numbers and the sign of the answer is the same as that of the two numbers.

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Q: What is the rule for adding integers and rational numbers with the same sign?
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What is the rule in adding rational numbers?

what is the rule in adding rational numbers

Wats the rule for adding rational numbers with the same sign?

Wats are temples from South East Asia and, as far as I am aware, they do not dicatate any rules for adding rational numbers.

What is the rule of adding integers with unlike signs?

The magnitude of the answer is the difference between the two numbers and it has the sign of the integer which has the bigger magnitude. I guess so?

What is the rule for adding integers that have the same sign?

The sum is positive.

Are rational numbers whole numbers?

The set of rational numbers includes all whole numbers, so SOME rational numbers will also be whole number. But not all rational numbers are whole numbers. So, as a rule, no, rational numbers are not whole numbers.

What is rule of adding integers that are different from each other?

how do you evaluate 5 - 7

How can you tell that a number is rational?

If you can write the number as a fraction, with integers in the numerator and the denominator, it is rational. In the case of decimal numbers, if the decimal representation terminates (e.g. 2.16), or is periodic (perhaps after some initial digits, like 4.130202020202...), then it is rational. For numbers defined according to some rule, it is not always known whether they are rational or irrational. ILuv You!![; <3 Hope This Helps You!!(:

What is the rule for adding negative integers?

Adding negatives is exactly the same as taking away the positive number. Alternatively you can think of it as "imagine both the numbers are positive, add them together. This number is then negative. And you're done".

What is the rule for adding a positive and negative integers?

Adding Integers To add integers, one must consider the following two rules to be a successful. If you want to think of it on the number line you start from 0 and when you add a positive number you...

What is the rule when you are adding integers with the same sign?

integer multiply integer divide 360

What is the rule of adding integers?

Make sure that you add units to units, tens to tens, hundreds to hundreds, and so on. Keep the digits which represent the numbers in the correct columns before you add.

Can you use a rule for multiplying by the reciprocal to divide whole numbers?

Yes. Integers, Real Numbers, and even Complex Numbers can as well.