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It is two line segmetns meeting at a point and making an angle which can be a straight angle.

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Q: What is the shape of the 3 point line?
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How many point do you get when you shoot from the 3 point line?

3, hence the name "the 3-point line"

What do you call a shape with no sides?

A point, line or curve.

What shape has 2 end points?

The shape that has 2 end points is known as a line segment. A line segment is a line that can go on forever, but it has a start point and an end point, no matter where it stops.

What kind of shape has 3 line segments?

a triangle has 3 line segments u are

What is a shape that has point symmetry but not line symmetry?

something that has point symmetry is shapes with thought points

What is the width of a 3 point line?

If a "3 point line" refers to a line that is three points wide, then the line is 3/72 inches wide, or 1/24 inches wide.

What's the shape of the 3 point line?

In the Euclidian plane, there is only one shape for a line - irrespective of the number of identified points that it goes through. A line is an undefined geometric term and so the description can only be circular, but it is a straight line, with no width, going on for ever in both direction.

How far is the 3 point line from the rim?

The 3 point line is 23 feet 9 inches away from the rim.

Where can you score 1 2 and 3 points on a basketball court?

Each basket is worth 1 point at the foul line, 2 points inside of the 3-point line, and 3 points outside of the 3-point line.

How far is the NBA 3 point?

To the three point line.

How do write an equation of a line when given the slope a point of the line?

if a line has a slope of -2 and a point on the line has coordinates of (3, -5) write an equation for the line in point slope form

When was the NBA 3 point line adopted?

According to the NBA website, the 3-point line was adopted for the 1979-1980 season.

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