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Q: What is the simplest non- associative type of learning?
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What are the disadvantage of non formal education?

The disadvantage of non formal learning is accreditation. Non formal learning is not based on a curriculum instead is based on experience.

Does learning disabilities effect non verbal communication?

some do, like nonverbal learning disorder.

What is a Greek sport that children played?

Young boys played a type of field hockey and the girls played ball games, learning to juggle, etc...non physical, such as checker type games also.

What is the difference between a numericial array and an associative array?

A numericial array is an array with keys made up of only integers. An associative array is an array with keys made up of anything that is not an integer. In some languages, it is possible to mix integer keys and non-integer keys into a mixed array.

What is educative and non educative process?

An educative process is when you are learning and a non educative process is the exact opposite.

What is the Prior Learning Assessment Program?

Prior learning assessment is what colleges/universities offer for non-traditional and unsponsored learning experiences. The assessment of prior learning is usually based on portfolios or challenge exams.

Is English an indispansable part of teaching and learning?

No. Not in non-English speaking countries.

What is a non reducible fraction called?

It is in its simplest form or lowest terms.

What is the simplest form of the fraction below?

There is no simpler form than non-existence!

Is CO2 a polar or non polar type?


Is type 2 diabetes non infectious?

Yes, it is non-infectious

What type of non metals?

Covalent bonds, polar or non-polar