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-x+2y = 6

2y = x+6

y = 1/2x+3

Therefore the slope is 1/2 and the y intercept is 3

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I asked for x intercept not slope or y interceptΒ 
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Q: What is the slope and y-intercept of the graph of -x plus 2y equals 6?
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What is the slope and yintercept of y plus 4x plus 3?

There is no slope nor intercept because there is no equation, simply an expression.

What is the slope of the graph for the equation y equals -5x plus 8?

y=-5x+8 the slope is -5.

What is the slope of the graph of 6X plus 12Y equals 7?

negative one and a half

What is the slope of a line that is perpendicular to the graph of 8x plus y equals 6?

+ 1/8

What is the slope in y equals mx plus b?

The graph of the equation is a straight line. 'm' is its slope. 'b' is its y-intercept

What is the slope of the following equation y equals 15 x plus 4?

The slope of the line that represents the graph of that equation is 15.

Which direction would the graph of y equals -x plus 9?

A downward slope from left to right

What is the slope of the graph of 2y equals 6x plus 3?

y=3x+(3/2), so the slope is 3 or (3/1).

Find the slope of a parellel to the graph of y equals 4x plus 2?

The graph of [ y = 4x + 2 ] is a straight line with a slope of 4.Any line with a slope of 4 is parallel to that one, and any line parallel to that one has a slope of 4.

How do you graph d equals 338t plus 299?

this is a linear equation. make the y-intercept at 299. and the slope of 338rise and 1run. this is an extremely steep slope.

How do you graph y equals 40x plus 50?

The graph is a straight line, with a slope of 40, passing through the point y=50 on the y-axis.

What is the shape of the graph of 9x plus 7y equals 1000?

The graph is a straight line. It crosses the y-axis at y=-9/7 , and its slope is 1426/7 .

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